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Top 8 Gaming Headsets For PS4

What's going on guys? I have once again another article on best Play Station 4 headsets. Now I just quickly want to say that I have 9 headsets total in this video and all various different prices and I will let you guys do the prices in the second. Now before we do that I just want to let everyone know I have tried or owned all of these headsets, because in previous article, people got divided that I didn't try them all. I have tried all of these headsets in this list. I have owned most of these headsets and I have tried all of them for an extensive amount of time. I didn't just plop it on my head and just say that all this sounds good. No, I've tried these headsets for a very good extensive amount of time. You know I was looking at it, I was crap, I was trying to break it down and I thought these are the best headsets that are available right now in each of their price categories. So without further a do let's go ahead and start.
Now the first thing I'm going to mention is not actually a headset, it is a mix amp that will work with all of these headsets in this article. A lot of people have been asking for amps, amplifiers, mix amps things like that and obviously the best one to go with is the Astro Gaming Mixanp Pro TR and the reason I'm saying the TR version its because well it's the newest version and it's the same price as the older versions so why not go ahead and get the new version.
All you do is put a digital output cable in the back of your PS4, plug it into here and then you can plug in your 3.5 millimeter jack or USB headset into this mix amp and then you can have some of the best sounding experience on a console that you ever have in your entire life. Now these headsets don't require this but this is an I guess a necessity or maybe you do want to surround sound and your headset. Well here you go now you'll be able to have surround sound all of these headsets. Now not all these headsets are surround sound just for your information. So but this will allow it to. So just a little thing to you know keep in the back of your mind just to think about because I do honestly think it's worth it.

Now we are going to the under 50 dollar section of this article. All these headsets are under 50 dollars as of writing this article. All these prices are as of writing this article. They could go up make good down. I'm assuming most of these heads that's what's going down in price but hey you never know. So I have 270 headsets on my list and I usually do because Sentey makes great headsets and it's just so hard to find really good cheap gaming headsets that will last you a long time but the first Sentey headset is the Sentey Artix GS
I've to say that it's the Sentey gaming Artix headset. It's kind of a simple headset it's just USB to point out as a seven foot cable. It sounds great, it feels great. I do think that this has one of the more cheaper of ear pets but I still think it will last most of us a few hours. I know for me it did, it would last about two to three hours before it would start hurting my ears and it sounds good for what you pay for so overall I do recommend this product. Now this headset I have mentioned before but I'm going to go ahead and mention it again. We have the Sentey Arches gaming headset. This is also USB to point out as a 6.5 foot cable. It is wired so that might be a drawback but one thing that this headset has that at over the other headsets in this category is that it has a vibration mode. Think of it as the Skullcandy crushers of gaming headphones. Just click a button and it will turn on its built-in vibration units. It basically anything based related whether it's gunshots or anything of that nature, it's going to vibrate. You may hate that feature or you may love that feature but you can turn it on and off and that's one feature that I personally love over any other budget gaming headset. So if you're looking for something like that, this is the headset for you.

All right, moving on to the next headset we have the Tritton Kama Stereo Headset. Now this is a very very very simple headset. This is probably just most standard headset you could possibly buy but it's a good standard. As a good-sounding microphone probably one of the better sounding microphones out of this list. To be quite honest with you it's not really the most comfortable headset in the world but it will last you a couple of hours. I'd take that back. I think this is the most uncomfortable headset at this whole list but then again you do get what you pay for it. Just plugs in right into the controller and the sound is ok because it's coming right out from the controller. It's not like a USB where you plug it directly into the console. You're gonna have a little bit of distortion but overall for 30 bucks, you wouldn't be complaining. 
There are times where you can hear footsteps but if it were up to me I would go to Sentey Artix but there might be somebody out there was like, "hey I just want to plug something right into my controller and just have that I'm not looking for all these other things that I want to plug it into my console" then if that's the case and this is absolutely perfect for you and I know people who are like that. So again if you're like one of those people this would be an awesome headset for you.

All right, for the last headset in the under 50 dollar category, we have the Plantronics Rig Gaming Headset. Now my first gaming headset article, I did mention this first and it was around a 100 dollars that'Ss a point. Well now it's cut and a half at 50 dollars. The unique thing about this headset is that you can plug this headset directly into your phone in from the mixer into your phone and then you'll be able to take phone calls while game. You can easily just click the talk button on the mixer and then it was quickly go from gaming to talking from your headset microphone. You saw from the headset microphone, it will go directly to who you're talking to in your phone and then once you're done you can end the call by clicking on the mixture once again to go back to the gaming sound. 
This headset is very very comfortable. It is the most comfortable headset in the under 50 dollar category. So if you're looking for comfort this is the headset if you're on a budget without a doubt. Again that the best sounding microphone but man this headset is comfortable. It sounds good you plug the rig into the PS4 using a digital output cable. You cannot beat this headset for 50 bucks and I will add that this is refurbished so that might be a turn off to some people but I've been personally never experienced a bad refurbished item off amazon. Now that's just me I have bought most of my things in the past year, refurbished I have monitors that are refurbished I have keyboard and always list of their refurbished and when I get up nerd, they're like new. If not brain speaking is so if you don't take that chance, ok I think this headset runs about 70-80 bucks brand-new but for 50 bucks it is a definite steal and all right now we're going from the 50 dollar to a 100 dollar range and I think we're starting to get into the juicy stuff.

So here I have a headset the I use personally. We have the Razer Kraken USB Headset. Now I do use a special type of mixer with this, that I know a lot of people say that they have problems with. For this headset, you do not have to have any type of adapters. You literally just plug this into the Play Station 4 and it works. 
Microphone and all it all works. It's so comfortable I cannot stress enough. How long I can wear this headset and it's just not hurting my head at all and I have a pretty sensitive head so that's saying something if this doesn't get me a headache within the first like hours. Overall great headset for 60 dollars you cannot go wrong long. If I had to recommend one of two headsets on this list one of them would definitely be this one.

All right for our next headset. I was so shocked when I first cut out this headset because I've had mixed feelings about after glow in the past. I've only like really one of their headsets in the past which is on my last piece for headsets video but this headset has just totally destroyed ever I thought about the other headsets that is the PDP Afterglow AG9 wireless headset. 
This has without a doubt the best microphone out of any applicable headset line. It has 50 millimeter drivers with two audio modes pure audio and bass boost. Noise canceling technology which it can definitely cancel out that noise. Unlike these other headsets on the list, it does walk out a lot of noise in the background that I have noticed like I get by you lot of noise. I love the basement so I hear footsteps all time upstairs and you know I hear noises when people are talking to the room next to me. I don't hear a thing the other headsets. I do which that might be a problem and can easily get over it. This completely takes that away from me that again that's just me. I've heard people say other things. For me, this is a fantastic headset, completely wireless, it uses a dongle that's a funny word but yes it's a dongle. The mic is removable so if you don't really want that might there all the time, it is removable. It's so comfortable so comfortable I can't stress that enough. This headsets good guys go and get it now.

All right now we have a headset that I previously said I didn't like then I said I liked and now I'm saying I like it again and that is the PX4 Turtle Beach wireless 5.1 surround sound gaming headset. Now this headset is not completely wireless yes I know if you want to chat online with your friends, you're going to need a cable which I'm pretty damn sure it comes with. 
So all you have to do is plug in the wireless digital surround sound box using a digital output cable back to the PS4 connected to your headset and then if you want to chat with friends, just plug in a cable from your headset into your controller. The sound under a 100 bucks. If I would not have the headset I have right now because the of the amp that I have for it. I would be using this headset without a doubt. This headset is the best sounding headset you can possibly get under a 100 bucks. It's so good I heard and I've heard many problems about this headset. Be quite honest I truly think a lot of them just don't know what they're doing well because this headset does have a lot of settings on it, has a lot of modes, different things you can do with it might be confusing but I do think that a lot of people don't know what they're doing now. Hate me if you want, if you have a problem. I'm not saying that I'm not saying you're stupid. I'm just saying that you know for me this headset is worth every single penny. It's amazing, go and get from Amazon.

All right, in next we have a very surprising headset now. When I first tried this I was I was wary because I knew the first hyperx if I'm not mistaking wasn't USB. Now I could be wrong. I used it with be 3.5 millimeter cable when they showed off that the HyperX Cloud 2 had an adapter. You can plug your USB, that made me a lot happier and it shows because this headset sounds great with USB, just standard USB. 
I didn't plug it into any adapters but when I have the the amp that I have now and it's really really good. Probably the best stand alone USB headset a bunch, but I do think that the Krakens are a little bit more comfortable in that regard. So that's why I would give the edge to the Krakens. Not saying these are comfortable but I do think that you know the Krakens  are a little bit more comfortable and they sounds a little bit worse than the HyperX Cloud 2 that I would just give the edge for comfort because if you don't want to wear a headset that and if it has a head that's not comfortable then you're not going to want to use it. So in that regard it is $92, I would still recommend it. I'm not saying if you get this headset you're going to get your doomed. You would still like it and I do think that most people will like this headset if they buy it. So go ahead and get it it's definitely worth.

All right in for our final headset on this list. I was trying to debate which headset I was going to put I was honestly going to put another headset on this list and said this but the price went down for the Astro A40 2nd Generation. Now the Astro A40 with mixamp pro with its with the mixamp and all is a 190 dollars off its 250 dollar retail value. That is a significant difference. Now I know that they have a 1st Generation 180 dollar refurbished model but this is brand spanking new. It's the second version and it's a 190 dollars. Only 10 dollars difference. Get this headset. This headset is without a doubt the best on this list hands down. I just personally don't have the money this is one of those headsets where I tried. I didn't own it I tried and I just love it. Love this headset. This is what all the providing all the pros use these headsets. These are the best out there without a doubt. These are without a doubt these but the best headsets you can buy for your Play Station 4. But this is the best, this is the best. Best sound quality. It comes with a badass mixamp. One of the best amps you can possibly get for the Play Station 4. Get this headset now. It's a 190 dollars. I do not know if it's going to stay that what the way this because the PC versions are usually around a $150 and the other the second generation for the PS4, the pc anyway is still a $150. So these might go back up. So get this headset now while you can it's a fantastic deal .

Ok guys that is all I have for you all today. thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed. If you enjoyed please share it on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin etc and tell me what headsets you have. Just do drop a comment below. Stay connected to Earphone Corner. [Credit: The-Game-Changers

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