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Top 5 Headphones For iPhone 7

Here is the iPhone 7 and we already know it doesn't have the headphone jack anymore, just the Lightning port. So does have a slightly improved speakers and he could listen to those if you wanna listen to music or watch videos but the removal of that headphone port means we now have two real options for listening to music by headphones. Lightning headphones and Wireless headphones. In fact Apple dropping a headphone jack from the iphone 7 is actually great news for one person or one group of people and that's headphone manufacturers because they just got a huge new market of people to sell headphones to that didn't exist before and that's iphone 7 buyer. So as this iPhone comes out and it's brand-new. The accessory market is young so if you're going to be early to this phone you got to be early to the accessories. 
Top 5 Headphones For iPhone 7
So these are those accessories. Option one, lightning headphones so your default option is the lighting earpods that come in the box nothing special but you can see obviously instead of ending in a three-and-a-half millimeter headphone jack. It's a lightning port so plugs right in, no charging require, no adapter required. This is the standard now. Everything else about them from the earpods to the inline controller is the same as before.

From the standard you can go up a little bit in price to these Phillips headphones I've shown before these are the Philips Fidelio M2 and they're pretty much we expect from a classic third-party pair of lightning headphones. So lightning jack on one end on your headphones on the other end and these headphones also have an  on cup volume control rocker and the entire right earcup is a giant play/pause button so it works the same way did with the previous iphones but yeah now it's the primary option. It's standard plugging right into that lighting for this is the other over your parents showed in a previous article. These are the odyssey sign definitely a more premium price but you're getting better materials more real leather and metal and a bit more of a heavier headphone overall, softer headband more comfortable but yeah this pair has an inline controller with a mic and a play/pause button which is different and volume controls etc. This plugs right in by lightning again and works as expected sounds pretty good.

If you're on a budget though there are way less expensive headphones, I'll have links all these inside the article but this is a pair of by Brightech inline controls again. It's a bit of a trend but honestly these are a bit less adjustable and a lot less comfortable but there's still lightning headphones. You'll just notice they definitely feel cheaper and definitely hurt in the sound Department. So it's what you'd expect for the price but really I recommend these to someone who's trying to save money but just definitely want over your headphones and have to go in by a lightning. 

Last but not least another pair of lightning earbuds. These are the shark lightning earbuds. Their advantage over the Lightning earpods are small they have slightly bigger more cookie in line controls and the flat blue cable throughout is a nice touch helps it not get tangled as much and the earbuds themselves feel a bit more solid they have what feels like metal on the back and they have a little more weight to them but as you know none of that matters if they don't stay in your ear is very well and these didn't stay in my ears very well alright. 

So option number two is wireless headphones this market has already existed for a while so all these headphones except for one are new but the thing about wireless headphones you never quite going to match the level of sound quality get from wired but what you want to look for in wireless headphones is a really long battery life to hopefully alleviate the inconvenience of having to charge them. So the default option here with the iphone 7 is the new airpods. You know the ones 24.99 dollar earpods without wires. They get a lot of flack for it not being worth it but actually they have a couple of extra features so they have apples new W1 chip inside which makes pairing to an iphone super simple and then automatically also sync with your other Apple devices on your account like a macbook pro or an ipad has microphones for listening to voice commands and touch sensitivity for triggering SIRI. There's a lot actually going on hopefully I'll get my hands on them to review them but there are
definitely other better options like bluetooth earbuds, any of them. 

You seen these before Jaybirds X2 or Jaybird Freedom they have a battery life almost twice as long as the air pods rated at about eight hours of playback before you need to recharge so that's awesome and they sound phenomenal that's why I like him so much and they're very unlikely to follow your ears no matter what the shape is because they have this wing tip that fits snugly and comfortably. They are sweat proof, they have a great Mic and inline controls. They're basically built to be workout headphones. So they're really good at all of that. 

Another point probably seen before since I reviewed them is the Bose QC35 or the Bose Quiet Comfort 35. The Quiet Comfort series finally went wireless and they are so nice. They're much bigger so you're looking at about a 20 hours battery life and they have excellent noise cancellation because that's basically bows a specialty here and much better sound than most other wireless headphones. They're pricey but if you watch the review you'll probably also be convinced like I was and there were also plenty of other wireless headphones in this bluetooth over your category. 

Then there's these the new Beats Solo3, they were announced alongside the new iphone on stage since apple owns beats now and they're still Beats have their onear wireless headphones and they also have the new W1 chip inside them like the air pods do. So when you turn them on they paired to your iphone really easily like the air pods and in theory the rest of your Apple ID devices as well. They talk with your iphone sending information back and forth like battery percentage so it's a nice advantage to having them work so closely with apple and what's nice though is they claim a 40-hour playback battery life which is a really long time so there's no noise cancellation to take up a lot of power but that's a decent advantage having such a long battery life not having to worry about charging it so much. Just know that they're still priced like Beats and they still sound like Beats.

So you know that's what's out there right now if you want to avoid having to adapt your current headphones, but if all else fails there is that 9 dollars dongle. I'm personally against dongles. I don't want to have to think about an adapter every time. I want to put my headphones in but worst-case scenario you keep your current pair of headphones and plug the dongle into the end and just leave it there permanently. That way hopefully you won't lose it. 

But listen this market which is so small right now will grow a lot in the next year like I want say 99 percent of the companies who are making headphones for iphone right now with the three-and-a-half millimeter jack. They'll probably all be making lightning headphones to take advantage of this new market within the next year pretty much guarantee. So they can make apple for the huge new market to sell headphones to we can make apple for the inability to charge and listen to Wired music at the same time.
But here's what I'd like to see in the next iphone I know it's pretty early but I'd like to see the next iphone have two lighting ports and I want to get on early they can make an android phone with two USB type-c ports. I wouldn't really care about the lack of headphone jack as much. All avove links provided by us can help you to get the best product in the best price. [Credit: Marques Brownlee ]


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