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Sennheiser Momentum Wireless- Expert's Review

After testing the Bose QC25, they were the best noise cancelling headphones I've tried at the time. Now what Sennheiser reaching out and let me borrow their whopping 500 dollar pair of noise cancelling headphones I had to give him a shot and see how good these are. What I have here are the Sennheiser Momentum Wireless. So I'm here helping the average consumer make a purchase decision.
Sennheiser Momentum Wireless- Expert's Review
Going over the physical features first, looks are of course objective and you can be the judge for yourself. The clothes back and over your model have here features real leather with stainless steel arms and the earcups themselves are painted ivory. Now they do come in black leather with yellow stitching which looks good as well but these do exhumed a vintage look.

Now looking at the quality and craftsmanship of its build it's quite impressive considering its straight away from their super glossy paint scheme or excessive use of plastics like other brands and models on the market currently. We're starting with the headband first there's cushion but it feels more dense or more stiff compared to the original wired Momentum's then I reviewed a few months back but more my comfort test a little bit later.

Now moving down to the pivots here it's all metal construction with four flush socket screws and I don't see anything plastic they would wear out over time right at the hinge. In general performing my stress test everything held up well with no cracks creaks door squeaks and all materials staying intact and now going down to the air cups here.
This is one design that now after testing so many other headphones. I really do appreciate and instead of having a traditional headband that offers an extendable clicking arm. The Momentum's slide up and down on this metal rail place your thumb on this and with enough force it moves up and down very naturally. Now there's just enough tension that keeps the earcups in place as well and even stress testing these ear cups repeatedly moving it back and forth to determine its quality. The earcups does slightly become easier to move over time but still provided a firmness to hold the earcups in place. Now going over the ear pads themselvesthese are very plush. Now this doesn't feel like traditional phone but more on the memory foam side of things. If you've ever felt the ear pads on the beat solitude or maybe Samsung Level overs that's how they feel but with these they're just a bit thicker in my opinion. Over time of wearing these they are very comfortable. Now sitting in the average 70 degree room and listen to these for a good while they do get warm after about 30 minutes and wearing but I never sweated and there's nothing out the ordinary that was a nuisance compared to other headphones despite them being leather. 

Now moving on to wireless performance. I test this leaving my phone upstairs walk to the other side of the house downstairs and never lost the signal on the Momentums. An additional features slowly making its way to headphones are NFC or what they call it Near Field Communication. If you have NFC on your phone tap the side of the left ear cup and pairing basically is automatic. But let's say you don't want to go wireless or if you're running out of batteries, Sennheiser does include a 1.4 meters or about a 4 half along super lightweight cable if you want or need to connect us physically. No one is of course the three half millimeter connection while the other end goes into the air cup with a two and a half millimeter plug with a secure locking mechanism and holds on very well too.

Now power and pairing button located further up here with the volume rocker bonds directly below. Now pushing in two consecutive time skips your song forward and pressing three times in a row moves the song back one and this works both on my iPad Air 2 and these Samsung Galaxy Note 4 phone confirming that this works both on iOS and Android powered devices. Now there's one last way to connect this and this is personally a first for me if you have a micro USB cord laying around or the core they supplied to charge your headphones plug this into the computer let it install the drivers and set your headphones then as the default speakers and you can listen to your headphones through the USB cord pretty cool to have options like that but since we're talking about the USB charging cable here sennheiser claimed up to 22 hours of battery life. I tested this living at the entire day and night and was able to achieve a crazy 25 hours and nine minutes to be exact of straight music playing at fifty percent volume just to give you a good medium to gauge your expected use.

So with all these accessories the headphones USB charging cable three-and-a-half millimeter wire and not mentioned earlier the airplane audio adapter sent as it does provide a soft indecent hard carrying case. On the outside its soft to touch while the inside its felt line with a covenient pocket to store all of your cables provided and unlike the original Momentum's the wireless version does fold in and compared to the original this does save a good amount of space.

Now let's get into my comfort test then noise cancelling performance and last are these sound characteristics. Now I'm usually sensitive at the jaw line with some headphones putting too much pressure right at the jaw bone. Now this was not the case at all. Now if you look closely at the ear cups the headband is able to adjust back and forth eliminating the need to sit right at the crown of the head. Virtually no discomfort was felt because of this design. In addition if you compare the weight of these two other headphones they're still slightly lighter than most out there at 265 grams compared to the original over your momentum they only weighed a hundred and ninety grams which is crazy light. Nonetheless the comfort and ease though are still very much enjoyable. Now as for the active noise-cancelling features it works well and I can for sure say it works better than a Samsung Level overs I tested a few months back. Now there's barely any his from the active noise canceling that could tell but when compared to the best of the best that noise cancelling performance the Bose QC25 has this beat. These Momentum's does block most noises and is for sure one of the better performers but I was still able to pick up some small conversations when my volume set was a medium.

Now the QC25 nearly shut up the entire world when you put them on. There on a whole different level. Now under the bread and butter here for those who have been following me they know I like clean sound with a slight amount of paste. They're turning these up to at least eighty percent was when I noticed I can hear all the characteristics and without any hearing fatigue, basically without rubbing your ears after you're done listening. 

Now starting with base. These headphones gives just the right touch to really make generous of EDM and today's pop music really shine. Cascade Armada music to Bruno Mars and Maroon 5 to name a few. It's deep enough that's not overdone and complements the mid-range and higher ranges as well very much. For a long time listening my ears are not drowned out or numb from hearing fatigue. Now if you're using this for Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj and likes Sennheiser provides just enough base to make these generous still very enjoyable but still keeping that mid-range strong with its clarity. Now these don't go as deep as the Beats by Dre products for some people say because of its base it makes the mid-range a bit money. But again with the Sennheisers, these are based for enough to really make a lot of these other generals and generous of rap and hip-hop etc sound very good and as briefly mentioned the mid-range sounds great but not bright but they're not dumb sounding either voices don't sound boxy or nasal like it actually sounded natural and all the way bass boost signature is provided mids still retains clarity. 

Now for a $500 pair of headphones though I really wish that they had a more open sound stage like the Sennheiser HD 8 DJ's that I tested a while back and as for the high notes in trouble when you hear snares pops cymbal crashes etc they don't sound harsh at all. There's no ting in air ringtones, there's no sharpness that's ear piercing whatsoever. Now this includes rock music as well which I forgot to mention earlier but all these genres sounds really really well done but just to make it easier here the one general oddly enough that didn't seem to do as well as classical music hearing piano notes the lower mid range felt as though it was more dominant than the upper band of notes and then with the higher notes on piano keys it sounded a bit resonating fuzzy and almost like a slight echo as well again these headphones seems to be more designed for today's mainstream music and with all of this audio performance for my last test here is the sound leaking. 
Now I place these on maximum volume and at a distance of someone sitting right next to me you can just barely hear the sound, so over all these are one of the best headphones that I've tested recently. The build quality, the aesthetics and fashion is no question of the forefront with sound being a very good balance all around with a sound signature that I think most modern day listeners will enjoy. The only issue I can really see at the moment is its price tag of five hundred dollars. [Credit: Jim's Review Room]


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