Thursday, 9 February 2017

Audio Technica ATH-M50X Review

These are the successor to what I called the best headphones under 200 dollars . So these are the Audio Technica ATH -M50X. So in case you're unfamiliar the M50 is have been among the highest rated pairs of headphones out there and continually come down in price actually from north of 200 bucks all the way down to less than a 120$ on Amazon. So the big question now here with the M50X is how are these different from the M50 and is that difference worth it? I say worth it because the M50X is actually a little bit higher price now. They come in at a 189 bucks brand-new still under 200 dollars but they definitely cost a little more.
Audio Technica ATH-M50X Review 1
So here's the deal. They have the same awesome build quality, same attention to detail, the same super flexible and very portable design ideas and if you were looking at them from afar you probably really couldn't even tell the difference between these and the M50 except for the little M50X badge on the side of these headphones but really the biggest difference here between the M50X and the M50 is actually the cabling.
Audio Technica ATH-M50X Review 2
So you might have noticed that the M50X with no cable attached to them at all. There's a 3.5 mm headphone jack empty on the left hand side to plug in some audio and the box they come with three different cables included and this may actually be the reason for the slightly higher price. So you get a 1.2 meters straight cable a three-meter straight cable which is actually nine feet really long and a 1.2 meter coiled cable which is my personal favorite. So you pick the cable you want to use grab the end that has a line on it match it up with the left hand side of the headphones twist and lock it into place and now you have audio. Now because of this locking mechanism he actually can't use any third-party headphone cables can use those beats by dre cables. So you have to use one of the three provided but what's nice is there actually color matching with the headphones you buy. So for the three different colors of the M50X there's white, black and this new blue color it actually color matching cables and a bag that I happen to think you look really good with that blue version looks pretty sweet.
So that's really what the M50X is all about. Outside of that there are other minor differences you know the top band of the headphone and the headphone cups actually feel a bit softer and more comfortable while keeping that great noise isolating seal the top and also feels a little bit more flexible - so not as tight on your head so you can have an even more ridiculously large head but with the audio quality and that sonic signature they've taken at if it ain't broke don't fix it approached. The M50 had an excellent balance rich sound with really rich deep lows balanced mids detailed highs. The M50X have that exact same excellent balanced rich sound, so I love that and for those asking I've been using the M50 for a number of years now for traveling airplanes, audio monitoring while recording, a video editing and just about everything and I love him for that and that's a testament to how great the sound is from these sub two-hundred-dollar can. You know these M50X don't need an amp. They can sound great with your phone. They're very portable because they fold just like the M50 and their clothes back and have a great noise isolating seal when they're on their head. They're very comfortable. It checks pretty much all the boxes and if you're going to spend any sort of serious money on headphones this is definitely something to look out for sure. 

So I guess what we're trying to say here is the bottom line is these headphones yes are an amazingly good by there and a great idea to purchase if you have the ATH-M50 then they might not be necessarily a huge reason to upgrade unless you really want that removable cable. Where as the ATH-M50X that have a removable cable mod so it doesn't have the lock and twist mechanism but you can buy M50 with a removable cable and you will still get that slightly lower price. [Credit- Marques Brownlee]


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