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AKG K182 Review- Excellent Studio Headphone Under $100

Hey guys welcome to my review today of the AKG K182 headphones. These are part of AKG's proline of headphones that are designed to be a budget-friendly option for anyone interested in a pair of studio headphones. They can use for things like mixing or monitoring and while these do an excellent job in this regard there are some applications where these aren't the ideal choice such as using these casually for more portable use or for longer listening sessions which we'll cover in this review as well.
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Now currently these headphones cost about a hundred dollars but include links in this article where you can check the current lowest price as well as an additional information about these headphones. Included with these headphones is a three metre long cable, a carrying pouch and a quarter inch gold plated adapter. The detachable cable is a nice quality cable that's fairly memory free but while the length is great for studio use. It's not as ideal for portable use as the extra length can get in the way. Also I found the gold plated straight jack is difficult to make a solid connection with an iphone. Even when the case isn't getting in the way I still had to fiddle with it just about every time to get a good connection and then I had to be careful that nothing moved like the phone or cable to disrupt the connection. Now connecting to a computer or other audio source was fine so it's just something to keep in mind if you're intending to use this with your iphone. Regarding the design that AKG K182 has a nice clean look and design to it.

It's a larger sized headphone that easily fits over your ears. It's a mostly hard plastic bill that has just a touch of aluminum around the ear cups and the ear cups of plenty of horizontal pivot as they can lay flat and fold inwards which is a great feature for portable use or just to be able to get a more comfortable fit. The synthetic leather your pets are soft thick and feel very comfortable. Now you will get some heat buildup and they can get sweaty if you're using these for longer listening sessions or if you're in a warmer climate.

Now when you first put these on these have a solid and firm clamp but not to the point where it causes any discomfort. The benefit is you get a nice seal and you can move your head all around without these falling off and actually when you put these on they're very comfortable to wear. The earpads feel great and there isn't any discomfort around the ears or jawline others also enough room inside the ear cup so that you don't feel like your ears or being squished at all. The headband unfortunately has just a small bit of padding underneath and so I found it starts to get pretty uncomfortable on the top of your head underneath the headband.

I started to notice this about 30 minutes after wearing these and then after about an hour. At that point I definitely needed to give my head a break now if you don't get hot spots or discomfort on the top of your head from wearing headphones and he's probably won't be a problem either because initially they're very comfortable feeling to wear but otherwise that's something you want to keep in mind if you'd like to be able to wear these comfortably for several hours at a time. 
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Then regarding the sound quality, the K182 really delivers overall the sound signature is fairly neutral with a slight emphasis on the bass and treble region. There's a nice kick in the mid bass and although the base comes across as the most noticeable part of the sound signature. It's not overpowering either so well there's certainly enough base for more contemporary genres of music like EDM and so forth it's not too much so that it gets in the way of the other frequencies.

It would be nice if the base where a little tighter and cleaner but it's still a relatively clean presentation. Regarding the mids,  they're the most neutral aspect of the overall sound and in this regard vocals fall back just a bit compared to the base in trouble which are slightly more forward sounding but there's good detail and clarity to the mids with vocals and guitars all sounding quite natural and then moving up to the trouble you get a slightly elevated lower trouble which brings a bit of extra clarity and energy to the listening experience and this is actually quite helpful when using these four monitors.
You'll have an easier time locating any harsh sounding frequencies. However there isn't much travel extension which does lead to a slightly more compressed sound but you also don't have any problems with siblings or listening fatigue. So even though the K182 is a fairly neutral headphone, it's still a musical and fun sounding headphone that sounds great with all genres but contemporary genres in particular have a nice in tactical response to them and while the tuning works great for casual listening it also lends itself really well towards monitoring.

 Now even though the K182 is an excellent choice especially when you're using this what they're designed for there are a few things to keep in mind to help you to decide if you might want to go with something else. First, if you're planning on using these as a portable headphones say to use with your smartphone then you may prefer headphone that includes a shorter cable that's designed for this purpose while the included cable is detachable and a nice quality cable the additional length that's helpful for studio use can be annoying when you're trying to use these headphones on the go or with your smartphone or with another digital or portable digital player and then on a similar note if you're planning on using these with an iphone you'll probably find it difficult to get a solid connection so while it's no problem connecting these AKG headphones that something like your computer amplifier or other audio source. Trying to connect to an iphone can be consistently problematic and finally if you're planning on wearing these for hours at a time or if you're sensitive to getting hot spots on the top of your head from wearing headphones and you may want to go with a headphone net has a more comfortable headband and better weight distribution for the top of your head while these are very comfortable to wear initially. They can get uncomfortable underneath the headband especially after about 60 minutes of use or so. 

But otherwise if you don't think the comfort will be an issue and if you're using these headphones for what they're designed for then these are a very nice choice because as a studio headphone their excellent and in particular if you're doing any monitoring that includes synthesizers or electronic drums then that's where these truly excel and with the slight emphasis in the bass and treble frequencies these are also a fun and musical headphone that also works great for casual listening. So hopefully this review of the K182 is helpful for you if so leave a comment I always appreciate that and remember to check below in Amazon where you can get these out for the best price.


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