Sunday, 8 January 2017

JBL T150A Review- Budget Earphone With Kickass Sound

Hello, how are you guys? Here is the review for the JBL T150A and these are budget oriented earphones and they also have integrated microphone and the best thing is that it does not cost a lot and the sound quality is actually nothing sort of amazing considering the price point and the MRP on the box is about Rs.1800 about these earphones are available in India on online stores like Amazon between 700 to 800 rupees.

So the earphone comes in box and apart from the earphones itself, we also get extra eartips so a total of three, one is sort of pretty attached as you can see and when we talk about the build quality, the build quality is totally plastic but it has said quality and as you can see these are in-ear and I have to say in terms of comfort they do provide comfort and moving to the wire quality, the wire quality is also decent it's adequately thick I would say but it's not a braided cable and it also has a microphone and a single button to take calls and moving to the headphone jack slightly it's not angular to straight jack and her work with most smartphones. 

So what do I feel about the performance of these earphones or all have to see these earphones perform very well in fact I was like sort of amazed at the clarity of these earphones and though it says you're pure a base I was a little bit worried that it will be too boomy or Bassy but that's not the case that they have good amount of bass I would say so people who actually a lot of a little bit of exaggerated base will like it. The good thing is that that many of the cheaper earphones that have excess of bass the mid-range attend to some muddy but that's not the case with this one.

Even the mid-tones sound very clear and even in terms of clarity and sound stage it was great I could easily distinguish between the different instrument and in fact that it is like over bright in terms of treble. So some of you might not like it but you can turn it down using the equalizer but overall I would say of a very good pair of earphones but sort of a little bit on the brighter side so I would say I really enjoyed listening to a lot of dance music, EDM (Electronic Dance Music) and even a little bit of rock and stuff but if you listen to a lot of the music like metallic and stuff then I would not suggest you this one because it's sort of over bright and it can be a little bit what do you say for taking to the ear about 30 or more minutes and it also has a inline microphone over here.

It's sort of basic just one button but I did tested with the taking voice calls and other parties did not complain about that. Overall a very good package. I'm sure some of you might ask how does it compare to the Audio Technica CLR100 which again are very good pair of earphones which I reviewed last year and these were my go-to recommendation.

I would say in terms of build quality these JBL T150A are better the wire quality is a lot better and it also has a microphone. In terms of sound I would say this Audio Technica CLR100 more accurate but in terms of over all music the base is slightly enhanced on the JBL which many people might like and all overall I would say in terms of some quality it is sort of similar to the Audio Technica CLR100 but a little bit on the brighter side and the music sounded a lot of I would say energetic with these JBL T150A.

Again if you listen for more than an hour or so with this JBL, it can get a little bit for taking in my opinion but the music I would say to sum it up a sort of punchy with this JBL T150A. If you already owner of Audio Technica CLR100, I won't say it's a must-have upgrade but if you're looking for a budget oriented earphones with inline microphone then you can certainly have a look at these. In fact it's so much better than the earphones that you get bundled with your smartphone's even with premium what do you say smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S7 or even the Apple earbuds.
So if you're looking for a basic pair of earphones with inline microphone and you don't want to spend a lot you can certainly have a look at this JBL T150A. Overll I have to say, they are very good pair of earphones, not perfect slightly on the brighter side but considering the price point of this earphones here and India that's between 700 to 800 rupees I have to rate 9 out of 10. [Credit: Ranjit]


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