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Bose QuietComfort(QC) 20 Headphones Review!

The bose QC 20 comes in a simplistic housing. Bose has two versions of the QC 20 the standards set which I have here and the Bose QC 20 I which comes with two additional buttons which work iPhone music control and Siri voice commands. The Android, Blackberry and Windows compatible QC 20 still comes with the standard answer and call button and the aware mode control. Once you simply slide the box from the sleeve you open the Bose flat.

Once the flap is open and the protective foam is removed you will see the headphones. Both earbuds and the control module are fully exposed and ready to go. Once you pull the plastic housing out of the way there are some documentation for support and the ball is carrying case. The carrying case is a nylon mesh material. Inside you have documentation for the headphones and also the stay-Hear tips. The stay-Hear tips are bowls patented design that are made for comfort and a great seal it also comes with the USB cable for charging the noise cancellation features. The quiet comfort earbuds at first glance appears to be like any other normal earbud but when you take a closer look you see a few differences.

First there's a three and a half by one and a quarter inch module. This control module allows you to turn on and off the noise cancellation. When I first heard about the noise cancellation I cringed a bit because I assume conventional batteries were being used. I was quickly relieved when I saw that has a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery and supported the standard micro-usb cable for charging meaning you never too far away from a charger the built-in rechargeable battery provides up to 16 hours of listening time but what is really unique is that you can even listen when the batteries drain, just the noise cancellation features will not be active. Fortunately Bose has also included a battery indicator light to tell you when the juices running low is located right next to the power button on the control module is a motive Matt rubber and still remains groupie even after holding it for a while.

A new feature included with the QC 20's is the aware mode. Each of the headphones earpieces has two tiny noise cancellation microphones on it. During the regular noise cancellation mode all for these microphones are picking up external noises to determine the proper amounts of inaudible outer face tones required to drain off the external noise when pressing the aware button on the remote to the microphones passes external sounds through so you can still hear some outside sounds great to use when you quickly need to hear your surroundings.

The court is 2-tone thick and tough. The core sports a black and gray color scheme and feels like it's made for the long haul but only time will tell also about seven inches down the court you find the inline microphone this part is made from normal plastic and it has two buttons on it and the case that it comes with is a cloth zipper case. The material feels middle of the line I-line but it should still offer some protection against wear and tear. Their buds are also two tone grey and silver with a black stroke around the bowls local the silver part is preferably it actually looks like a speaker the buzz themselves are one inch wide by two inches long. A bit bigger than other earbuds in this price range but for good reason the QC 20's follow a clean color scheme and style.

This goes from the packaging all the way down to the headphones. The overall presentation is clean stylish and modern. The QC 20's are an extremely comfortable where do to light weight of 1.55 ounces. The stay-hear tips may look intimidating but do their job shockingly well sliding into your ear easily and locking into place with a slight turn of the wrist.

The tips also come in three different sizes as well. Small, medium and large. The tips are soft and also has a lot of give and they really conform to your ear. The silicone eartips seal off the canal it has an extra in like piece that presses against your ear for added stability. These airbuds are designed for the traveler like mine. The tips do not get abnormally warm during activity and the court is just thick enough so it does not bounce around walking. You can also clip it to your jacket for even more stability. There are a few annoyances with the headphones without about if I have one complaint the control module at time gets in the way when walking it's a bit cumbersome was quick adjustments like move it to your jacket pocket which are normally deeper should alleviate that issue. After a few hours at times my ears can become sore with a stay fit tips are pressing. I know that nothing compares to the over-ear headphones but other air buds around this price range have managed to make a long time usage more comfortable. However a conjunction with a secure fit these are true pleasure to wear in all circumstances.

The first thing I noticed when putting the headphones on was the base I was shocked and impressed by the amount of base produced and how low it actually gets. Listen to the song 'Rap God' by Eminem gives it a great example on how low base is picked up. During the song the base dips down low and during my test these airbus can get down to around 20 Hertz on the low in listening to a song that has more of a punchy bass like on the song happy by Pharrell Williams. It keeps the base tight and quick. The base isn't as booming as other in-ear buds but it feels just right and as always you can use each use to tweak to add more base if that's more your cup of tea. 

On the high end of things listening to a song that has a vocalist with a good range really shows off the versatility of these headphones listen to the song by Ellie Goulding 'I need your love', you can really hear her when she hits the higher notes. Unlike other ear buds this does not have that clashing sound you can hear that can make a listening experience uncomfortable. There's a smooth transition from lows to highs but the mist coming to bits office sometimes are overpowered by the highs. Even when the volume is cranked all the way up the sound stays consistent and clear. The only drawback is that the high sometimes can be over emphasized. Sound stage for the QC 20's is exceptional for earbuds.

It's tough to create separation with earbuds but somehow both figured out a good way of simulating it. It's enough separation to really immerse yourself in the music. When turning on the noise cancellation you instantly hear the difference noise seems to drop down to almost inaudible. My commute to work is in a car but I can only imagine the amount of satisfaction these will bring if you use public transportation daily. Flipping the switch on can easily make the person sitting behind you who is loud into a quiet murmur. Then once the music is laid over that that nuisance can don't want to be heard. Also since the cord is pretty much silent running against other objects, it adds to the overall feel of quiet and comfort.
Don't get me wrong these are by no means the greatest sound in ears ever to grace the world but it's the combination of comfort superb noise cancellation and a laid-back warm tone that makes these one of the best in this price range. Perhaps not for their sound but for the overall package. [Credit: Android Authority]


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