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Top 7 Best Computer Speakers Between $100-400

1. AVerMedia Ballista Unity Gaming Speakers 
In the midst of your gaming world lies an incredible auditory journey. Unity speakers are the guide through this adventure. Game audio is distinct from home theater or any other audio types, and your speaker system must be attuned to this world. No warrior steps onto the field of combat without a weapon of resonance. Unity prolongs optimal sounds long after your game is finished. Configured specifically for gaming environments, you'll encounter crystal clear high frequencies and rich throaty bass sounds with lessened distortion. This is the sound of gaming come to life.It is developed  with total 40W you’ll encounter crystal clear high frequencies and rich bass with lessened distortion.This is very good for gaming too,The full range subwoofer combined with intense mid and clear high tones delivers  a true to life gaming audio.The volume and headphone jack as well as adjustable bass control to allow for quick adjustments to enhancec sounds to suit various games.It can be wall mounted theese solid base and built in keyhole accomodates flexilble setup options With the added extended cable, mount and set up your satellite speakers with ease.

2. Logitech Z623
It is very sturdy,attractive speakers,plenty of power and perfectly decent clarity is shown.The setup is definitely a step up from the Z2300s design-wise. Although I think the “puck” setup can be nice if done right, the on-satellite controls make for less cable clutter, and the Z2300’s puck felt like a piece of junk anyway. These speakers have a much more solid feel, though some may have preferred a screen in front of the grill and prominent THX branding. The matte black finish and exposed grills are nice in their own way, though, and the satellites have a substantial but pleasing shape. The subwoofer is kind of a beast: 12″ wide, 11″ tall, and 9″ deep doesn’t sound so big — until you try putting it under your desk.I feel the Z623s have a relatively small sweet spot, being somewhat directional rather than room-filling. You lose a fair amount of definition outside perhaps a 30-degree cone, which is to be expected. Unlike truly directional speakers, though, you won’t need to sit at a certain angle to enjoy your songs. Stereo separation and location is excellent; these are great for gaming.The Z623s are definitely worth your money, at least if you don’t need surround sound. They’re powerful, can be made to produce great sound with a little tweaking, and are convenient for a desktop setup. 

3. Genius Hi-Fi (SP-HF500A) 
This brings you new two-way Hi-Fi wood speakers in a total of 14 watts, SP-HF500A. With a tweeter inlaid, SP-HF500A delivers crystal clear treble in a small space. The system combines 3” speaker driver with improved sound structure design to deliver great bass. Additional features include an extra line-in jack for connecting to an iPod, MP3 player, or CD player without disconnecting the speakers from your PC and a headphone jack for private listening.s classic beauty with burnished black panel. No matter if you’re listening to music, playing games or seeing movies via your PC or notebook, you get a double benefit from hearing and vision at the same time. For more detailed information, contact your local sales representative.It has a line-in,headphone jack and volume control.The package comes with 2 piece of speakers and an multi-language user's manual.

4. JBL Pebbles Plug and Play Stereo

The new JBL Pebbles 2.0 audio system raises the bar on your computer entertainment experience, with one-step USB plug and play. Its compact, award-winning design incorporates smart cable management that keeps your table clutter-free. A built-in rotating volume control syncs with that of your computer. Engineered by Harman, JBL Pebbles incorporates proprietary technology that delivers best-in-class natural sound with greater clarity and deep bass. Expand your listening options by connecting your MP3 or mobile device through an aux-in port. Available in a range of striking colors, the JBL Pebbles is truly designed to please.Very nice sound for the size and price. Some midrange presence and a bit short on the highs and of course the bass given the size a great choice. Good volume too without distorting.

5. Bose Companion 20
Proprietary technology and an advanced port design make your music, games and videos come alive with striking clarity and impressive low notes at any volume. And all that sound pours from just two speakers—no need for a bass module. With a few quick connections, you can enjoy the wealth of content on your computer with rich Bose sound.An advanced port design and powerful drivers are key to the low-note performance that adds depth to music, games and videos. Anyone listening for the first time might scan the floor for a subwoofer, but there's none to be found. All the sound comes from just two sleek speakers.A unique control pod pairs a fair amount of function with its form. The pod features rotational volume control and one-touch mute functionality, plus convenient dual inputs for connecting headphones and/or a second audio source.

6. Bose Companion 5
You'll find theater like sound on your desktop.Five-speaker systems are great for home theater—but they’re not so sensible for your laptop or PC entertainment. That’s why we developed Companion 5 speakers. They’re designed for 5.1-encoded music, games and movies, using just two desktop speakers and a hideaway Acoustimass module . You’ll hear multichannel sound in a way that seems to surround you—without the clutter of five speakers. And setup is easy, with a single USB connection to your computer.It is Specially engineered speaker arrays come fully assembled on stands for optimum performance and more usable desktop space.There is Active electronic equalization balances low, mid and high frequencies for more natural tone and clarity.A Compact Acoustimass module provides clean low frequencies, allowing the desktop speakers to be very small without sacrificing performance. Module can be hidden neatly under your desk.Single USB connection links the system to your computer. No special software, sound card upgrade, adapters or complicated wiring needed.Proprietary integrated signal processing delivers lifelike performance at almost any volume level.

7. Logitech Z906
Although this 5.1-channel home cinema package is primarily intended for use with a PC, it’s equally at home in an AV environment thanks to its generous range of connections and features – particularly its THX certification, which means it satisfies George Lucas’ exacting standards for movie playback.As for the subwoofer, it’s cube-shaped and compact, which shouldn’t pose major problems whether you’re shoving it under a desk or behind the TV, and is styled to match the satellites. It’s a side-firing design with an 8in driver, and is equipped with audio decoders, a 165W amplifier and all of the system’s connections.These include three digital audio inputs (two optical and one coaxial), which will come in handy if you want to connect multiple sources simultaneously (a DVD or Blu-ray player, Sky box and games console for instance). There’s also a six-channel direct input for connecting PCs, an analogue stereo input and a 3.5mm input for MP3 players and the like. There’s also a panel of springclip terminals for the supplied speaker wire, and these are also found on the back of each speaker, instead of binding posts. It’s a shame there are no HDMI inputs or HD audio decoding, which would have made this more suitable for use with Blu-ray players and games consoles.

One of the system’s most appealing features is the control console. This is a small desktop unit that plugs into the back of the subwoofer and allows you to adjust the volume, switch between the various sound modes and adjust the levels for each channel. This is obviously of greater use to those using the Z906 as a desktop PC system, but when using it in a traditional home cinema configuration you can use the supplied remote to control those settings, so either way you’re onto a winner.The console features a large volume dial in the middle, surrounded by a ring of LEDs that indicate the volume level and flash when in Mute. To the right of the dial is a curious-looking cluster of orange lights that represents the layout of the speakers in a traditional 5.1 setup – the point of this is to show you which channel is selected when adjusting the levels. 

On the other side of the dial are rows of lights indicating the currently selected input (each one numbered to correspond with the rear panel) and the current sound mode.These modes enhance stereo signals with different effects. They include Stereo 3D, which adds a ‘3D’ surround effect through all speakers; Stereo 4.1, which plays the stereo signal through fronts, rears and sub; and Stereo 2.1, which plays the signal through the fronts and sub. You can, of course, turn them all off and listen to sound in its natural form. Although its connections and decoding fail to cater for HD audio formats like Dolby True HD or DTS HD Master Audio HD, the Z906 can decode regular Dolby Digital and DTS bitstreams through the digital inputs.The speakers boast a frequency range of 35Hz and 20kHz, and each one features a 3in polished aluminium phase plug driver. Once you’ve got over the rather cryptic method of adjusting levels, the system is easy to use. The supplied remote is small and buttons are sparse, but this simple array covers every function – volume, mute, and input, level and sound mode selection.Its price is $379.00.


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