Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Top 5 Home Theater Systems With Dolby Digital

Today home theatre becomes part of many people's houses, so they give priority to buying a home theatre. Following are some home theatre with Dolby system which is best for today's generation.

  1-Sony DAV-TZ145 Home Theatre System:
It is a great home theatre in the world. These headphones have high definition video quality as well as it has excellent sound quality because they use S-master digital amplifier technology in this home theatre. Transform your media exposure with this 5.1 home theatre system that helps both DVD as well as CD. It comes with such a player that has a disc plate with the space of one. This home theatre system highlights gadgets of the excellent quality of a 5.1 speaker system. Improve your film watching experience with the help of Dolby theatre quality sound inside the four walls of your room where you live.

Design of Sony DAV-TZ145 Home Theatre System:

This home theatre system is neat as well as compact with the capacity to adjust into small spaces improving the decor of your house. This system guarantees to amplifier up the volume as well as sound with its classy looks and excellent performance. It comes with a sleek as well as clean design in black colour. This home theatre is perfectly blends as well as sturdy into the decor of your living house. The small size of this system makes its appearance felt in spite of not being noticed. The weight of the front speaker is 0.44 kgs, the centre speaker is 0.45 kgs, the main unit is about 2.2 kgs,  the surround system weight is 0.47 kgs, as well as the subwoofer, has weight 4.4 kgs.

Key Features of Sony DAV-TZ145 Home Theatre System:

1-It is the ultimate entertainment paradise:You can also watch a collection of your old favorites with amazing picture quality, sharper, perfected clarity with excellent music. The copies of ancient films have poor picture clarity compared to the today's movies. If you are using this theatre, then the quality of your classic number into updated with the 5.1 channel video quality and this is good. You can get clearer, clean sound in this Sony DAV-TZ145 home theatre.

2-Enhanced Sound Quality:It helps to increase or enhance the quality of home theatre easily. As this Sony companies, DAV-TZ145 home theatre is decorated with the help of S-Master Amplifier. So because of this amplifier this home theatre system guarantees brilliant sound quality which gives the remarkably powerful kind of music with accuracy as well as the division of signals along with a stable production of sound with the help of a digital to the digital method. This system also decreases heat generation with low power waste. The Digi amplifier receives digital signals as well as they expand it without changing it to the analogue mode, resulting in offering genuine sound quality at par with new records.

3-Update your viewing experience to HD quality:With the help of HDMI port, it can transfer normal sound into HD quality. The HD multimedia interface encourages the viewing of an official quality video in an updated HD format. It is easy to plug in; this system enables you to watch your choice gathering of old time standards through one cable.
Connectivity of Sony DAV-TZ145 Home Theatre System:This Sony Company’s home theatre model comes with a wide variation of connectivity options with one USB port, one HDMI output, an audio line analogue in/out as well as one composite video output. This HDMI sync supports you sync all your popular audios as well as movies directly through the button on the remote control of the home theatre. 

Product Information of Sony DAV-TZ145 Home Theatre System:

•    This product comes in Brand name: Sony
•    Model name of this product is: DAV-TZ145
•    Item Weight of this product is: 8 Kg
•    Dimensions of this home theatre are: 32.5 x 43 x 5.6 cm
•    This home theatre has Holder Capacity: 1
•    Extra Features of this theatre: USB movie playback, HDMI Output; BRAVIA Sync, USB Play
•    Dolby Digital, Built In Decoders. 
•    Speaker clarity of this speaker is: 5.1
•    This home theatre has Audio Wattage of 360 Watts
•    Wattage of this home theatre is: 50 Watts
•    There is no battery required in this home theatre.
2-Logitech Surround Sound Speaker System Z906
•    Product Description:
1- Latest finishes with mountable wall hooks:
The Logitech speaker system Z906 is specially developed to give the awesome experience. This sound system contains five satellite speakers, one subwoofer & a control console which are adjustable. If you don’t have space on TV table for your sounds, you can hook it on the wall. That will simply convert your living room into a theatre. It integrates with the Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound system & DTS sound system. These 5.1 surround sound system sport a bright finish & blend in wonderfully with the interior designs of your room. The satellite speakers' drivers are pack in a metallic mesh-like house & are angled upwards.
 2-Vibrant and Powerful Sound:
This Logitech surround sound speaker system produces a sound that is so awesome it resounds from every single corner of your living room. Watching best action scenes & blasts is not comparable to any other speakers. The subwoofer comfortably manages high frequency sounds to deliver crisp, high quality audio. Low-frequency sounds are handled beautifully with deep, rich bass delivery. Its 500W power generates booming sounds that echo around the room. You can view Blu-ray movies & enjoy high definition sounds with these THX certified speakers.
3-Various Connectivity Ports:
These Logitech 5.1 surround sound systems are compatible with some devices. Connect your laptop, smartphone and DVD player through its digital optical and coaxial inputs or an RCA cable. You can join your Nintendo Wii with the AV cable & enjoy high definition sounds while playing your favourite games. An appealing feature of this Logitech THX certified system is the Stackable control console. Attach it to the subwoofer and adjust volume levels or power it on or off. You can also manage it from the comfort of your couch with its fully operative remote control.
Extra information about technical:
•       Company name: Logitech
•        Type: 5.1 channel speakers
•        Channel Configuration: 5.1
•        Sound system provided: Dolby Digital 5.1, DTS decoding
•       Overall power output: 500W RMS (5 x 67W + 165W)
•     Compatibility with other devices: PC, laptop, music players, TV, Blu-Ray & DVD players, gaming consoles, Smartphones
•       Connection option: Digital optical cable, digital coaxial cable, RCA cable
•        Infrared remote control

  • Logitech Surround Sound Speaker details
•    Technical information
•    Company:    Logitech
•    Colour:    Black
•    Product Height:    438milimeters
•    Product Width:    431 millimeters
•    Product Weight:    8000 grams
•    Product Dimensions:    384 x 431 x 438 millimeters
•    Product Model number:    980-000467
•    Computer Memory Type:    72-Pin EDO SIMM Memory
•    Wattage:    500 Watts
•    Included Components:    Surround Sound Speakers

3-Philips HTD5550/94 Home Theatre:
  • Philips HTD5550/94:
Make your home musical location with Philips HTD5550/94 Home Theater. Feel the music you have never listen before with this Home Theater. The involved designing & elegant finishing will turn this stock into an automatic eye snatcher. The fashionable speakers are a complete fit for your home where you can experience high definition videos & songs anytime you desire. The 3D phased speakers are going to give you with the excellent blend of bass & treble in each & every angle of the house.
  • The Look:
This Home Theatre has a durable material body finish which gives it a fantastic look. It is entirely black in colour. The leading surfaces of the speakers have a matte finish while the surfaces have a bright ending.  The player has a remove button, play or pause button, a source button & power on and off button available at the face. A USB port beside the audio in port is also available near the USB port with a microphone port. The back side carries AUX IN 1, AUX IN 2, Segment Video output, Composite video output, Digital coaxial in, Easy Fit Speaker Connectors, FM Aerial Socket, HDMI 1.3 output. The dimension of this stock is 36* 5.8* 33.5 cm [W x H x D)], & its weight is about 14.83 kg. The brand name of Philips is apparent on the subwoofer & the player itself. The tallboy speakers will be most productive if fitted on either side of the TV, with the installation of one of the triple speakers just below the TV. The subwoofer can be set anywhere on the TV to give you the most impact. The other two satellite speakers are suggested to be installed on the consumer so that the consumer can feel the complete synchronization of music.
Amazing Features:
The production power of the speakers is as below:
•    Central Speaker: 166W
•    Satellite speakers: 2 * 166W
•    Tallboy speakers: 2 * 166W
•    Subwoofer: 166W
There is FM present in this system with 40 channels. Now listen to your desired FM channels with the help of this tuner band characteristic. There are equalizer settings that involve music, movie, original, news & gaming. The motorists of the speakers possess 1 * 3 inches whole range woofer. The frequency range has a uniform 150-20k Hz in every speaker. The MP3 rate may vary from 32 kbps to 320kbps while playing path. The power dissipation of this system is 105W while the power accumulation required is 220–240V, 50Hz. The standby power dissipation is shorter than 0.5W.
The picture enhancement system of this home theatre includes turning & zoom option with an added of video up scaling. It has an ARC HDMI characteristic. It is also DivX Ultra Certified for improved DivX video playback.
The Easylink (HDMI–CEC) features:
•   There is Automatic audio input mapping.
•    One touch play.
•    One touches standby.
•    Remote control–pass through.
•    System standby.
Unique Features:
•    It has Double Bass sound
•    It has Karaoke characteristics with echo level control, mic volume monitoring and pitch control.

4-LG DH6320 5.1 Home Theatre System:
This home theater has very Deep Bass with Clear Sound Output
Experience the latest theatre expertise in the convenience of your home with the LG DH6320 5.1 home theatre system. The 5.1 speaker system improves its mesmerizing audio feature. Five speakers are created with the superior Dolby Digital sound mode to give you brilliant sound output. The great bass echoes in its subwoofer providing you sound pattern which is finely tuned. This LG DH6320 5.1 channel home theatre system emphasizes each sound with its broad bass tone.
  • Advanced Connectivity Features:
Now you can attach your TV set, mobile phones, tablets and other digital media to this 5.1 home theatre system in many modes. The multiple beneficial connectivity options are the Bluetooth flexibility trait in this LG home theatre. Hear to your favorite song and stream live music videos by just attaching your digital material to this home theatre. Connect your external hard drive to this and see videos in high clarity.  Hear to your personal radio stations with the 40 preset radio channels possible on the LG 5.1 home theatre FM tuner.
  • Specifications:
  • Sound System: Dolby Digital with DTS Technology
  • Subwoofer: Passive Bass Blast
  • Speakers: One Head Speaker, Two Middle Speakers, Two Back Speakers
  • Sound Feature: Dynamic Range Control
  • Supported DVD Playback: DVD(NTSC), DVD(PAL), DVD-R, DVD-RW, Video CD, DVD+R, DVD+RW

Product Information
Technical Details
  • Brand: LG
  • Model:    DH6320
  • Item Weight:    8 Kg
  • Item model number: DH6320
  • Included Components:   Manual book, Remote control, Battery, Antenna
  • Speaker Surround Sound Channel Configuration:    5
  • Power Source:    AC, DC
  • Batteries Included:    No
5-Yamaha Home Theater Package.Yht-196
Product Description:
  • HD Audio fit HTiB with HDMI (3 in/1 out) containing 3D and Audio Return Channel, SCENE for smooth operation and stylish, curvy design speakers.
  • 5.1-channel important surround sound 100W × 5 channel + 100W subwoofer
  • CINEMA DSP with 17 DSP applications
  • HD Audio flexibility and good sound from stylish speakers
  • 1080p-compatible HDMI (3 in/1 out)
  • HD Audio fit with HTiB by HDMI (3 in/1 out) containing 3D including Audio Return Channel, SCENE for smooth operation and stylish, curvy design speakers.
  • 5.1-channel great surround sound
  • HD Audio flexibility and great sound from smart speakers
  • 1080p-compatible HDMI
  • HDMI with 3D and Audio Return
  • SCENE keys with right power on
  • HDMI CEC for simple service
Yamaha's particular digital sound range processing technology offers movies and song become alive with unbelievable surround sound performance. 17 CINEMA DSP applications provide for excellent sound with many video and music classes.
The YHT-196 can take HD Audio signs linear PCM via HDMI communication from Blu-ray Disc players for experiencing highest sound quality.
If music encodes in a compressed digital form such as MP3, the frequency response allows in the big and low areas. Yamaha operates modern digital signal processing with particular algorithms, allowing reliable transcription of the original music, for the best sound feature.
1080p-HDMI with 3D and Audio Return Channel
Three HDMI terminals give useful one-cable connection of many HD digital experts. HDMI also allows two unique features: 3D for 3D video signals and Audio Return Channel.
Product Information
Technical Details
  • Brand:    Yamaha
  • Model:    YHT-196
  • Product Dimensions:    55.9 x 55.9 x 38.1 cm
  • Item model number:    YHT-196
  • Additional Features:    3D
  • Batteries Included:    No


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