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Top 5 Wireless Headphones For TV Listening

Wireless headphones provide the best convenience. There are three types of wireless headphones. Some headphones demand the usage of a separate transmitter and some don’t. The types of headphones that belong to the first category are the radio frequency and infrared headphones. Infra-red is the best suited for the TV listening purpose. Infra-red need a clear path between the transmitter and the headphones. This means that there are limitations on angle used as well as the distance.

Radio frequency is stronger. Headphones that are wireless and use radio frequency work at the range of about 150 feet. The signals can travel through the walls meaning it can be used with the TV as well as with the home stereo system. The problem of interference increases as the distance increases.

If you wish to have a headphone without a transmitter, then Bluetooth is the option for you. Bluetooth headphones are best even for general usage. Bluetooth headphones need the technology of Bluetooth to be integrated into the source of the device. The range of Bluetooth is up to 32 feet i.e. 10 meters. Before buying the wireless headphones for TV listening, here are few factors to be considered for getting the best headphones in the market. The factors are as follows-

§ The Range of Transmission

The Range of Transmission is the first and foremost thing to consider while buying a wireless headphone for TV listening. Radio Frequency and Infra-red are the two technologies that are widely used in the wireless headphones for TV listening. For a person who intends to stay in the same room as the TV, Infra-red is the best option as Infrared has a short range of transmission. For people who love to wander away from the TV and still want to listen to the TV, Radio frequency is the technology for you.

§ The quality of the sound

It is a very common problem in wireless headphones that there is a noise disturbance which ultimately affects the quality of the sound. This doesn’t mean every headphone gives out a bad quality. There are headphones which work perfectly fine but the volume should also be kept at an optimum level. There are few headphones which are much louder than other headphones but if the volume isn’t loud enough to eliminate the ambient noise then it is advisable to go for another pair of wireless headphones.

§ The life of battery

For the operation of wireless headphones, batteries are required. The headphones that are of high quality need more than 30 hours of usage before you can change or replace the batteries. Headphones that are of average quality give only 20 to 25 hours of usage. If the battery life is less it could be a problem as the battery might die anywhere in the middle of the movie or any show that you are watching. There is a charging base station for the best set up for the wireless headphones. The charging base station is next to the TV and the headphones get connected to them and you could charge your headphones when not in use. This way there is a constant availability of charge in your headphones and you could save your money as well.

§ Comfort and Compatibility

Comfort also plays an important role while buying a wireless headphone. The person who uses it must be really comfortable with them. Check if the headphone you are choosing has the proper cushioning and provide the perfect fit. If such facilities are not provided then you ears are more likely to get tired after a usage of short duration. It is better to go for lightweight wireless headphones as they are really comfortable and convenient too. The head straps of a wireless headphone should be adjustable in order to provide maximum comfort.

Depending on the TV type that you will be connecting your headphones to, they are required to have either a digital signal or an analogue signal. TVs usually have both connection types but your headphones are likely to have only one. So, before you pick a wireless headphone make sure that both the devices are compatible with one another.

§ Personal Preferences

Last but not the least pick the wireless headphone that you think are the best suited for you.The list of the top five wireless headphones for TV listening are-

  •  The wireless headphones of Sennheiser RS 120 II

Sennheiser RS 120 II not only gives you the freedom of movement but also provides the best comfort with its slim design. The reproduction of sound is detailed to the minute level and the bass response is strong and powerful making it one of the best choices for you. Sennheiser RS 120 II makes use of a Radio Frequency technology which means you can wander about in your entire house and still be able to listen to the TV. The features of Sennheiser RS 120 II are that it is open, supra aural, wireless and stereo. There is a analytical reproduction of sound.
Sennheiser RS 120 II is compatible with all types of TV applications and modern music as well. The sound in this headphone can travel through the ceiling and the walls. The control buttons are provided at a convenient position for the best operation. The transmitter is cradled with metal for recharging and storing the headphones. There is an optional mounting of wall for transmitter. There is a rechargeable AAA NiMH batteries provided in the kit with a warranty of two years. An adapter of ¼ inches is also provided. There is an user’s guide given if there are any queries.
  • The wireless headphones of SoundMAGIC WP10 digital
SoundMAGIC WP10 comes with a small transmitter for convenience and is of full size. There are many accessories provided in the kit like main charger, a USB cable, a transmitter unit, a small jack of 3.5 mm to the cable of RCA, a short cable of length 3.5 mm. You could keep all these accessories in a carrying pouch provided. The transmitter contains a USB DAC for the best quality of sound from your personal computer or Mac, cables for connections for small media players and also an RCA lead for the connection of Home Hi-Fi.

The earpads in the SoundMAGIC WP10 Digital are very soft and smooth to provide the maximum comfort. This wireless headphone is very light in weight and has a very convenient controlling set located on the left ear cup. SoundMAGIC WP10 makes use of a 2.4G 16 bit CD quality and is superior to any other Radio Frequency wireless headphone. The sound quality is really amazing and you will have the best experience in TV listening.
  •  The wireless headphones of Sennheiser RS170

Sennheiser RS170 is the wireless headphone of Kleer Digital system especially designed for home listening. The headset is closed back meaning there is amazing noise isolation in Sennheiser RS170. There is a transmitter which serves multiple purposes. It functions like a storage cradle of ‘easy-charge’. It can also transmit the signal through up to about four headsets. The base unit which is of about 80 meters also provides a good range.

The reproduction of sound is amazing and is up to every minute detail. The accuracy of sound is to the best level. The advantageous part of this headphone is its toggling modes of listening. There are two modes namely Surround Sound and Dynamic Bass. They can be finely and properly tuned for music or TV listening. The experience of TV or music listening in this headphone is just something else. The earpads of this headphone are made of leather and do a good job of providing the maximum comfortable to the users. The design of this headphone is circumaural so that there is no leakage of sound. But if you are not much worried about the leakage of the sound and wish for more open and airy kind of headphones, then take a look at the RS180 wireless headphones as they have open back design.
  • The wireless headphones of Sennheiser RS220 Wireless Audiophile System

Sennheiser RS220 Wireless Audiophile Headphone System is another great catch for the best wireless headphone for TV listening available in the market. Sennheiser RS220 is an upgraded version and is free of all the complaints that have been coming from the audiophiles earlier. Sennheiser RS220 is designed in such a way that it is compatible with any kind of audio set up.

Sennheiser RS220 makes use of a technology called DSSS (Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum) for providing the uncompressed, best sound quality of CD types. Sennheiser RS220 is designed with an open back for people who prefer to have an open and airy presentation. The entire headphone has been built with the usage of the best quality of materials. The velour earpads are both luxurious and comfortable and can be used for hours long without experiencing any kind of discomforts. There are many accessories provided in the kit for your convenience. If you have any trouble using the headphones, there is a user’s guide provided in the kit as well.
  • The wireless headphones of TV Ears 2.3 Voice Clarifying System

TV 2.3 Voice Clarifying Wireless Headphone System makes use of an Infra-red technology for the transmitting of the signal to the receiver. This headphone looks like a stethoscope. The receiver directly goes into your ears which means there is good noise isolation. Despite the insertion TV Ears 2.3 Voice Clarifying System headphones are very comfortable to wear. The ear tips are smooth and made of foam to provide the best comfort. Because of the usage of Infra-red technology there is no background noise to disturb and the sound quality is clean.

In the TV Ears 2.3 Voice Clarifying Wireless Headphone System, the receiver and the transmitter both must be in the line of sight. The transmitter of this headphone also acts like a charger to the headset. There is a default ‘Voice Clarifying Circuitry’ to increase the sound quality.
Types of wireless headphones

There are two types of wireless headphones namely In Ear headphones and Over the Head Headphones. Both these types of headphones have their own advantages and disadvantages. In Ear headphones small and compact and go directly into the canal of your ear. Earbuds that are wireless are rare but you can find a hanging wireless earphone very easily. There are two types of Over the Head headphones namely over the ear headphones and on the ear headphones. Headphones which cover your ear entirely are the best for noise isolation. And headphones which fit over the ear are light in weight and are much comfortable in wearing. The big disadvantage in such headphones is that they don’t block the outside noise. Hence there remains the issue of interference if the ambient noise is much louder than the volume of your headphones.

Guide on how to buy wireless headphones for TV listening on eBay eBay is the best place to buy a wireless headphone. The listings of the headphones are posted by the sellers meaning the selection of headphones on this site is constantly changing. With great experience in selling and the idea of manufacturing, the sellers know exactly what you are looking for. Plus, eBay has the best deals and that is a big money saver for you including some other luxuries too. So, here is how you buy a wireless headphone on eBay.

Firstly, start to search with the keywords. There is a search bar provided where you can enter the keywords and describe what you are looking for. A list of wireless headphones will appear on the page. If the list is really big for you, start refining the results by choosing other options. Choose the design of the earpiece, brand, features, connectivity, and colour and filter out the results that don’t match with your requirements. Keep on looking for the results and descriptions until you find the one best suited for you.


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