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How To Use Bluetooth Headphones

Nowadays Bluetooth headsets are mostly using accessories for peoples. By using Bluetooth headset, you can pick your phone calls without touching your mobile. While talking on the phone, you don't need to hold your phone in your hand. As long as your phone connect to Bluetooth, it will be easy for you to drive your bike on the road. You can connect Bluetooth headset with TV, PC, PS4 and many more. Following are the some steps to connect your mobile to Bluetooth headset.
How to use Bluetooth headphones to your mobile

1] Prepare Your Bluetooth Headset:

You must charge your headset. And also you must charge mobile. Because of the low battery you will get disconnected from your Bluetooth. Put your Bluetooth headset in pairing mode. The process for all Bluetooth headsets is same. But according to manufacturer & model, there may be some variations. For almost all Bluetooth headsets, this starts with headset power off. Then you have to press & hold the button which you press to pick a call for some seconds. That button also called as a multifunction button. First, the light starts blinking showing you that the headset is on. Keep holding the multifunction button. After some seconds, the LED on the Bluetooth headset will start flashing in different colors like red, blue or it can be any color. The flashing lights will show that the Bluetooth headset is in pairing mode. If your Bluetooth headset has a sliding on or off switch, turn it to on before pressing & holding the button you press for pick the calls. Keep your Bluetooth headset near to your phone. You have to make sure that the distance between your phone & Bluetooth headset should not be more than 5 feet. If you want a better result, then both devices should be nearer to each other.

2] Prepare your phone:

Your phone must have a fully charged, because Bluetooth can drain your battery very badly. So keep your phone fully charged. Then start Bluetooth of your phone. If you are an iPhone user, then click on the settings icon & watch out for a menu called Bluetooth. If you found it there, then your phone is capable of Bluetooth. Turn it on. For the Android users, go to the settings & check out a menu called Bluetooth. Then your phone is capable of Bluetooth. Turn your phone's Bluetooth. Those who use Windows phones open the application list, click on settings & click on Bluetooth. Turn it on. If you are not using a Smartphone, but your phone is a Bluetooth-capable, then go to the settings menu to find Bluetooth menu. Turn on the Bluetooth.

Search for the Bluetooth Devices near your phone. Once you have turned on Bluetooth on your phone, it will automatically start a search for Bluetooth devices near to your phone. After finishing the search, there will appear a list of devices on your screen which can connect to your phone. You have to scan for device manually, if you are using a regular feature phone means a non-Smartphone or older Android models. If in the Bluetooth menu there is an item says Scan for devices or something like that, click on it to scan. If you don't see any devices that are having turn on Bluetooth, then maybe your Bluetooth headset is not in a pairing mode. In this case, restart your Bluetooth headset & enable it in pairing mode. Make sure that the particular Bluetooth headset doesn't a different process for pairing.

Then select your Bluetooth headset for pairing. Click on the name of your Bluetooth headset shown on your screen after scanning devices. Maybe it can be a name of the Company or the manufacturer of the headset like Plantronics, Jabra, etc. It can also be something like Headset.
After finding the headset for phone, it may ask a PIN code. Then enter the PIN code & click on Pair. Because of the majority of Bluetooth headsets, this code can be 1234, 0000, 0001 & 9999. If these codes don't work, then try the last four digits of your Bluetooth headset's serial number. You will find it at the under of your battery, named as a serial number or s/n. But if your phone connects the Bluetooth headset without asking a PIN code, it means that your phone doesn't need the code to connect to the headset. You will see confirmation on your phone after your headset & phone gets paired. Now phone & the Bluetooth headset are paired. Now you can place the Bluetooth headset device on your ear in a suitable position. You can receive your calls without touching your phone. It will help you on the roads.

How to Connect an A2DP Bluetooth Headset to PC Using a Bluetooth Adapter

If you haven't install Bluetooth adapter on your PC, then you have to install it on your PC. You should give enough time to install the important drivers. Then turn on the adapter. Navigate your route to devices & printers & find Bluetooth adapter. Then Right click on it & choose characteristics. Make sure to Enable Devices to Find this PC, Enable devices to attach to this PC, Warning me when Bluetooth device requires connecting, & If you want, Show Bluetooth in the information area. Place your Bluetooth headset into discovery mode & search for it using your PC. It is done by ticking the devices tab below your adapter's characteristics window or right clicking the Bluetooth icon in the system tries to tick add device. When your adapter has detected your headset, you have to pair it. Some headphones come with a pairing code of 0000. Check your guidebook for your code. Once paired, it permit the computer to install the drivers from windows update. Set the headset for radio audio. Open up Bluetooth devices by right ticking the system service icon. Then right click your headset & choose characteristics. Navigate over to the services tab & enable it to fill the services. You need to make sure Audio Sink & Headset are both checked. You may also uncheck Handsfree Telephony. 

I discovered my headset turned to mono sound when utilizing Skype calling. Disable it to avoid this from happening. Click Apply or OK & permit the computer to install more drivers this may not be important if audio sink & headset were both verified Pick the headset. Make sure your Bluetooth headset is yet on & attached. Go to the control panel & choose hardware & sound & then Sound. Following the Playback tab, you will notice a new Bluetooth audio. It may be named Stereo Audio or not depending on your Bluetooth headset. You need to click right the device & set it as default. Make sure no sound play when setting the headset. It may make the Bluetooth headset not react appropriately. If this happen then restart your Bluetooth headset.Now, try playing some video or music in windows media player. If you catch a sound, then you have done it.

How to Add Bluetooth Headphones to Your HDT

Attaching wireless Bluetooth headphones to your HDTV set is an excellent way to see TV as just the volume you need without bothering everybody else in the process. Read on as I explain to you how to supply your HD TV kit with Bluetooth headset.

Why do you wish to do this?

There are two components to the “Why?” segment of the tutorial. First, why attach Bluetooth headphones to your HD TV kit? There are plenty purposes why you might be so tending to do this. If you are listening impaired or a person of your family is attaching a set of wireless headphones permits for looking at the excellent volume. Even if none is hard of understanding but you & your mate can’t admit on how noisy the TV should be then a set of wireless Bluetooth headphones is a good understanding. If you wish to see movies or game late & not bother everybody else in the home, it’s simple to close the door to stop the light of the TV, but you need headphones to contain the sound. But why add Bluetooth in the first position? Why not utilize an RF headphone? Wireless TV hearing headphones have been available for years now such as the Sennhesier RS120s,  a hugely rated RF wireless kit that we have recognized, used, & can attest justifies the thousands of active surveys it has taken. 

Despite the nature of the higher end RF headphones, there is one big drawback: the headphones are forever tied to the system you buy. You might love the sound of the RS120s, but you can’t use them without the bulky base/charging station that’s bound to TV. The advantage of using Bluetooth as a resolution to this difficulty is that not simply is just as wireless but it is also very adaptable. You can get a set of Bluetooth headphones & pair them with HD TV, your smartphone,  iPod, & anything else you have that carries Bluetooth audio & seamlessly change between them. It is a lot simpler to explain buying a nice set of headphones if you can utilize them for almost all. Moreover, because Bluetooth headphones are universal at this time, it’s very obvious to find accurately the set of headphones you want without having to pay for the only model or two given by the company making your RF-type headphones. Trading with the headache of trying to decide if various brands use the same frequency. 

Take a look at how to join Bluetooth to your HDTV. It’s easy to add Bluetooth headphones to your smartphone as Bluetooth has been a regular feature on new telephones for some time now. When it comes to joining Bluetooth headphones to your HDTV set, things are a bit difficult. Notwithstanding the fact that HDTV sets should come with Bluetooth provider built in at the point they don’t. It’s up to you the customer to retrofit your HDTV set with Bluetooth provider. The first stop in retrofitting your HDTV is to determine how sound exits your HDTV set, which is smooth and handy. Hope you will find these information useful. Check Earphone Corner for more updates.


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