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Headphones: In-ear vs On-ear vs Over-ear

Head phones are like food and you can find your favourites and you can take what you like. I actually use all three styles depending upon what I'm doing, and I think there’s a good reason you may want to consider the same.

Headphones: In-ear vs On-ear vs Over-ear


Portability- These type of ear phones are very much portable and they are very small and it can be coiled up and kept in pockets bags etc. For frequent travellers these types of ear phones are very advantageous

Noise Rejection - This concept is very important but it can damage your ears cause of direct sound.The best way to hear it by lowering the noise.They simply can block out the noise by being properly inserted into ear canal.Not all ear phones are equally good,some are better some are best it depends as you shop.

COMFORT - People have very sensitive ears and so inserting the ear phones in ear can cause some discomfort.

SOUND - The sound quality of in-ear headphones can be just as good as any on-ear or over-ear model, but they do tend to be a bit less open or airy.The sound is injected directly into ears.The sound of the exterior environmental sound doesn't get in into the ears if this type of ear phones are used and they exhibit noise rejection in a natural way.

KEEPING IN SOUND - These type of headsets allow the player to turn up volume without disturbing others.

KEEPING SOUND OUT - Those who play in noisy environment often have difficulty in hearing the audio for games.

COST - Although gaming accessories can be expensive, in-ear headsets are available at reasonable prices. When compared to the cost of good quality speakers, a headset is definitely a more cost-effective solution. Similarly, buying headphones and a microphone individually usually costs more than simply buying a good quality headset.

INTENSITY OF SOUND - It may be very easy for a gamer to damage his or her hearing using in-ear headsets if careless Gamers should keep the volume as low as possible and give their ears a rest between sessions. A break of 12 to 24 hours is recommended after playing for a few hours. If the gamer experiences earache or hears ringing sounds in the ears, it is essential that he or she discontinues use of the headset.

INFERIOR SOUND QUALITY OF THE MICROPHONE - . A multi-directional microphone tends to be the most effective choice for these headsets. In-ear microphones usually clip onto the user's clothing, much like the microphones featured on headsets that come bundled with new mobile phones. This disadvantage can be overcome by doing adequate research before buying in-ear headsets or by testing the models available.


Portability - If you want more portable headphones but don’t like in-ear models, then a nice, compact on-ear headphone is for you. You can also couple this with the fact that most on-ear models will deliver better bass and aren’t subject to being properly inserted in order to get the expected sound. Still, even folded, a pair of on-ear headphones is going to take up considerable space compared to in-ear headphones and while they can work for portability, their strengths lie elsewhere.

NOISE REJECTION - This type of earphones cost more compared to ear phones and it doesn't come out often like wise other type of ear phones can come out easily. I appreciate noise rejection the most on air planes. I have found that on-ear models run the board in terms of noise rejection. For those on-ear models with no active noise rejection, they can be tailored to produce natural isolation through a closed back design, or they can welcome the environment for those who prefer to have a more open phone and who aren't planning on using them in the middle of a warehouse full of machinery.

COMFORT - they are huge in size and we tend to sweat with this type of headphones and they can be easily torn in a period of time. They can cause a minor air fatigue over time. Comfort is a huge win for on-ear models. Soft leather, or soft synthetic materials do best for on-ear models in my opinion.

SOUND -The quality potential is very low and it has limited potential and these are hi-fidelity and gives hifi sound and gives a actual sound.The quality sound potential of on-ear headphones is limited only by the skill and design of the manufacturer and headphone.


portability - These are not so much portable and you cant take them in plane.They are used by sound engineers.easily sound can be designed and they give a natural isolation and you can hear to exact sound and gives a little clear sound.  They do a great job at providing natural isolation and you hear exactly what you need to, and very little else.

NOISE REJECTION - You get a lot of natural noise rejection with closed-back over-ear headphones,These products reject outside noise by sampling the environment with a pair of external microphones, and then playing back that noise out of phase I have yet to hear a pair of active noise cancelling headphones that sound better than reference headphones without that technology.The idea is that natural sound projects into your room and removing the tone and environment can create a less realistic experience.These products reject outside noise by sampling the environment with a pair of external microphones, and then playing back that noise out of phase.

COMFORT - They are extremely comfortable and extreme uncomfortable You also want ear cups that won’t sweat easily, so you can wear the phones longer. With these new designs I'm finding that the comfortability and flexibility is greatly hampered compared to the headphones of just a few years ago.            

SOUND - The quality potential is very low and it has limited potential and these are hi-fidelity and gives hifi sound and gives a actual sound.very best possible sound in a headphone, you are likely to end up with some sort of over-ear model.

CONCLUSION - This does not tell which to buy but it it makes you understand that which to buy.Headphones are very particular, but don’t let your predispositions guide future decisions. Hope you will find this article informational, for more check Best headphones reviews.


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