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Best Microphones For YouTube

Its gaming or live commentary or want to upload a song on YouTube the one essential thing you need is microphone. As per psychology of human mind, in watching video good quality sound is as important as good quality of video. Hence most people are worry which microphone is best for YouTube. The wrong selection of microphone can make your impression bad as if listener don’t like the sound quality of your video they will not watch it. Hence selection of microphone is also one key factor to make perfect video to upload it on YouTube.

The latest medium of talking is vlogging. Vlogging is the video blog. Most of internet users are not interest in reading a whole blog and hence vlogging is very useful and popular in recent days. Vlog or video blog is the kind of video television. The blog writer or we can say blog narrator needs very quality microphone as he need to be clear, because if user will not able to listen what in the Vlog is said, then user will not like it. Most of cameras have inbuilt microphone. That's why people think that they can use this microphone. But the main problem is built in microphones are very low quality and not able to catch the sound properly.

There are some types in the microphones

1. Omnidirectional
2. Bidirectional
3. Subcardioid
4. Cardioid
5. Hypercardioid
6. Supercardioid
7. Shotgun.

Inbuilt microphones are low quality and omnidirectional, hence it captures every single sound like air, noise. It creates problems. Hence unidirectional microphones are best for YouTube as they capture only one sound. Cardioids’ type microphone is very useful for YouTube as they capture sound only from one direction.

Here is the list of some awesome microphones that will make you and your listener feel happy.

1.      Condenser type microphones: 

These microphones convert the sound into the electric signals. Hence it is in awesome quality. These types of microphones are mostly used in recording songs in studios. If you will use this type of microphone it will make sure that quality of your audio will always be good.

2.      Lavalier microphones: 

   This is very small microphones that you can attach it to your cloths by clipping it. It is omnidirectional type microphones but it will capture only your sound as it will place close to your mouth. But the problem is that with lavalier microphones you can’t move much because it will captures the sound of rubbing of your cloth. Hence you have to clip it outside of your cloth or you don’t have to move.

3.      Shotgun microphones: 
   These types of microphones are very commonly used by peoples. It is very popular as you can attach it to your digital cameras. Shotgun microphones have very small area to capture the sound at its front end. Shotgun microphones don’t captures the sound comes from the other direction and hence we can get good quality of sound.

Here are the headphones that are popular among the YouTube users for vlogging and other things.

1.      Blue snowball:

There is no need to buy any low quality microphones when you can wait for sale or save some extra money and buy a high quality blue snowball with affordable price. This is the best microphone at low price for your video. Because of this blue snowball is very popular among the YouTube streamers and bloggers. You can buy it in different colours with a stylish look. This is the most suitable and recommended microphone at affordable price.

2.      Blue Yeti:
Blue Yeti is the upgraded version of blue snowball and very much popular among the vloggers. This is best seller microphone on various online shopping portals like Amazon. Blue Yeti offers various modes for capturing sound and it also offers awesome sound quality. This microphone is available in cardioids, omnidirectional, bidirectional & stereo mode. The famous type is stereo mode. Stereo microphone captures sound from right and left direction. This makes the surrounding feel to listener.

3.      Audio-Technica AT2020:
If you have a little more budget and able to buy audio-Technica instead of buying blue yeti, just go for it and you will be proud on your decision. It offers much more good quality of sound than blue yeti but at little bit higher price. It is in cardioid   mode but offers much more high quality and with various pattern. You will not require bidirectional microphone. The sound quality of Audio-Technica is awesomely good. Just use this and you will know the quality of this microphone.

Here are some best portable microphones:

1.  Zoom H1:

This is the clever microphone design. In this, two unidirectional microphones are place at 90 to each other. Hence the sound capture by this microphone is twice better than the any other unidirectional microphone. It is far good than the any other omnidirectional microphone. If you want to carry your microphone with you when you are outside, zoom H1 is the best option you have in such price range. However the microphone is unidirectional because of that clever design of double sided unidirectional microphone this microphone is able to capture sound from various directions. It is specially made to use outside and with its compact design you can take it anywhere.There are some microphones which we can connect to our smart phones. Here are some of the microphones.

2. Miracle sound deluxe lavalier:
Some smartphone with awesome camera but low quality built in microphone, Miracle sound deluxe lavalier is the best for connecting it to your smart phone and start vlogging on YouTube. There is another option for external microphones that we can connect to our smartphone but they are very expensive but with very high quality.

Best Microphone for YouTube Commentary

1.      Zalman Zm-Mic 1 Lavalier High Sensitivity Microphone:
Zalman Zm is the cheap microphone that gives you satisfying quality of sound on YouTube. Due to its low price it has some drawbacks but it is popular as it fulfils the needed quality of sound. Zalman Zm is the lavalier microphone. In package it contains only microphone, nothing else. The installation of this microphone is very simple. The wire provided with microphone is 3 meter long that is very useful. If we are talking about the quality of sound captured by this microphone, it is far better than the microphones which are inbuilt in our DSLR cameras, smartphone or laptops. As name indicates it is very high sensitivity microphone. It captures even low noise from all directions. The surrounding sounds like moving fan, TV sound from another room or even adjusting the microphone are easily detectable for that microphone. Because of that much high sensitivity, Zalman ZM is close to the sound quality of very expensive condenser microphone.

As microphone is made up of plastic, durability may be the issue. If you drop it or accidently keep your leg on it then it will break easily.

2.      Sony ECM-CS10 Omni-directional Lavalier Microphone:
Sony ECM-CS10 Omni-directional lavalier microphone is comes with the stereo channelling. Just like Zalman ZM it is very easy to setup. Just plug it into your smartphone or laptop. It has 3 feet long wire. That means it can come up to your pants pocket. The sound quality is better than the Zalman ZM as it prices four times the Zalman ZM. The unique feature of Sony ECM-CS10 is it has stereo channelling. It means that sound will capture from left and right side. The headphones with option of left and right side can hear the difference between normal microphone and stereo channel microphone. Simply if Sony ECM-CS10 capture two different sound at left and right side, the sound from left side is more effective at left side of headphone than sound from right side and vice versa. Sound quality of sonyECM-CS10 is better than Zalman ZM. It captures less vibrating sound than Zalman ZM. As it is Omni-directional mic, it will record noises and sound from all sounds.

3.      V-Moda BoomPro Microphone:
Most of times you want to start vlogging on YouTube or want to do commentary on YouTube you need to buy new headset even if you have headphones and don’t have microphone. V-Moda BoomPro microphone is the solution on this problem and it saves your money as you don’t need to buy a new headset. There are lot of microphones but the main problem is the sound quality of those microphones is horrible. V-Moda BoomPro microphone gives us high quality sound capturing at the same prise. If you have a headphone with amazing sound quality, you can connect your V-Moda BoomPro microphone to headphone and enjoy vlogging or commentary on YouTube. The sound quality of V-Moda BoomPro microphone is very much similar to the high quality expensive condenser microphone. V-Moda BoomPro microphone is also very sensitive microphone, it able to capture the small vibrations, noise make by rubbing hands on table or chair.

4.      MXL Tempo-KR Cardioid Condenser Microphone:
MXL Tempo-KR is the new company in the microphones field but presents impressible products. MXL Tempo-KR comes with the complete setup of one small tripod, and shock absorber. MXL Tempo-KR is the condenser microphone that means the sound quality capture by this microphone is awesome. It package contains 15 feet long wire; this is awesome as you can plug it in and have much free space. The setup of MXL Tempo-KR is very easy. You have to just plug the wire in your smartphone or laptop and it started working. The price of this microphone is 70 US dollars. This may seem very high price for a microphone for vlogging and commentary on YouTube; but it can be uses for various occasions. Many people called MXL Tempo-KR as a best studio microphone. If we are talking about quality, it gives a very high quality sound capture than any microphone we have ever seen. It captures deep reverberation in our sound, and feels like professional radio jockey type voice.

5.      Samson Go Mic Pro
The weight of Samson Go Mic Pro is too light. The size of this microphone is just 3 inches. The priceof the Samson Go Mic Pro is just 40 US dollars. The sound quality of the sound capture by thismicrophone is simply awesome and unbelievable. It gives us the best vlogging experience on YouTube than any other microphone. This microphone is the best at that much low price range.


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