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Best In-Ear Headphones Under $200

Yes, you have had enough with those bad in-ear headphones which you got for free with your mobile phone device. Not only they are flimsy and useless, they don’t perform well too. Fortunately, there are a plenty of amazing in-ear headphones available under the price range of $200.  The basics of a good in-ear headphone are a good quality of sound, the fitting of the ear tips, and many other facts that are covered in the information below.

  • The in-ear headphones of BeoPlay H3

The housing of this in-ear headphone is crafted from a metal that is lightweight and makes the in-ear headphone robust but also ultra-violet. There are 26 air vents that are drilled precisely into the housing of this in-ear headphone making it less weighted. The primary function of the air vents is to provide awesome acoustics and comfort to the ears. There is a microphone and an in-line remote which provides you a control that is hassle-free. A carrying pouch, a start guide, and flight adapter are provided in the accessories.

The earbud is made of soft rubber and is available in different sizes to ensure fitting to ears of different sizes and shapes. The sizes provided are XS, S, M, and L. The earbud is situated a little off of the axis to that of speaker unit to ensure fitting to the funnel of your ear. There is no leakage of sound due to great fitting and you will get the amazing performance of acoustics. This in-ear headphone is available in three different colours and they are black, silver, and golden to make it look more stylish and classy. The length of the cord is 3.9 feet. This in-ear headphone is light in weight and weighs just 16 grams. Stainless steel is used in the making of this in-ear headphone.

  • The in-ear headphones of NAD VISO HP20

NAD VISO HP20 is specifically designed for people who understand the difference between clean and crisp music. This means that this in-ear headphone is especially designed for music lovers. NAD VISO HP20 is the first in-ear headphone to use the RoomFeel Technology. With this technology every single beat of the music can be experienced. There are drivers of 8 mm that facilitates magnets of neodymium delivering amazing highs and excellent response of bass. The housing on this in-ear headphone is done with aluminium to provide the lightweight and amazing performance of sound and music. The design of chamber is optimized to provide excellent bass and astonishing vocals. The cord of this in-ear headphone is OFC wired to provide deep and intense sound quality.

The cord has the facilities to play, pause, skip and also altering the volume of the music. The ear tips are provided with 5 different choices of silicone. This is to make sure that people with all different sizes and shapes of the ear must be able to use this in-ear headphone. The fit provided is so soft, smooth, and comfortable that you will not feel any kind of discomforts even after a prolonged use. A cloth clip and a cord slider are provided for your convenience and also for management of the cord. An airplane adaptor, a neoprene carrying pouch is also provided. So, available just for $119, this in-ear headphone is sure to make you happy. This in-ear headphone comes in black and silver finishing.

  • The in-ear headphones of Sony XBA-H1

Weighing just 7 grams, Sony XBA-H1 is another great in-ear headphone available under $200. This in-ear headphone is closed-back to give the maximum volume of sound without leaking into the surrounding. The earbuds come in different sizes to ensure the fit to different ear shapes and sizes. The sizes provided are SS *2, S *2, M *2, and L *2. A carrying case, a cloth clip, and a cord adjuster are also provided in accessories. The plug is plated in gold for classy looks. The engineering done into the making of this in-ear headphone is so perfect that you don’t have to compromise any kind of music detail.

The response of sound quality is powerful and is full spectrum. The range of frequency is from 5 Hz to 25 kHz which means there are a melodious high end and excellent bass. With a range of 105 dB, you can listen to your favourite music at the highest volume. The default response of beat control is designed in such a way that even at the highest volumes the earbuds will not be disturbed with the hardest hitting bass response. The earbuds are designed to give you the maximum comfort.

  • The in-ear headphones of KEF M100

This in-ear headphone is very impressive in terms of performance as well as looks. Starting with the looks, the casings are diamond-cut aluminium and are rounded in a very stylish way to catch some eyes. The earpieces start from the earbuds at an appropriate angle to provide the most comfortable and smooth fitting. Such smoothness is responsible for no pain even after having the in-ear headphones in your ears throughout the day. The drivers are of 10 mm and a suspension of low resonance to assure the minimum distortion and also controlling the airflow. This in-ear headphone comes in three different colours and they are Titanium Grey, Champagne White, and Sunset Orange.

  • The in-ear headphones of Audiofly AF78

Differing from $189 to $199, Audiofly AF78 is another great in-ear headphone. Bearing dual technology of armature driver that is balanced and a dynamic driver, this in-ear headphone is classy, sophisticated, and amazing in terms of performance. The dual technology provides an amazing difference in the high end and also a very well defined outcome in the frequencies of the mid and the low. This in-ear headphone is designed in such a way that the noise isolation done is excellent. The ear tips come in three different sets of silicon to provide better listening experience and to fit different ear sizes and shapes.

 The cable of this in-ear headphone is made with a fabric Cordura to provided extended durability. The facilities to make phone calls, usage of voice prompts, and to control the playback music are provided. The venting is laser cut meaning there is excellent precision for an acoustic performance. There is a relief in a strain of cable with a Braille marker in the right-hand side. With the neodymium magnetic type and a driver length of 9 mm, this in-ear headphone is sure to give you the out of the world experience in music.

  • The in-ear headphones of KEF M100

Available for $150, KEF M100 is another pair of affordable in-ear headphone that is great in performance and looks as well. The three-button piece of microphone and casings of diamond-cut aluminium makes this in-ear headphone look very elegant. The drivers of 10 mm ensure an excellent bass and a huge density of the foam in the interior. This helps in minimizing the distortion and disturbances of any kind and gives you a clean quality of sound. There is a control in airflow to provide you the best music listening experience.

There are different sizes of ear tips provided to suit the ear sizes and shapes of all kinds. There is a variety of options available in colour too.

  • The in-ear headphones of Klipsch R6i

Available for $100, Klipsch R6i is one of the best in-ear headphones in the market. For bass lovers, the bass is very clean and excellent. The trebles are very delicious and nice to experience. The highs, the lows, and the mids all are so deep and well designed in this in-ear headphone that you will have a great time listening to music. There are different sizes of ear tips provided for comfort for all types of ear sizes and shapes.

  • The in-ear headphones of Astro A*Star

Though it basically designed for gamers, normally it can be used for listening to music as well. Astro A*Star is a bit big, a bit more bulky, and looks huge and cool. The drivers in this in-ear headphone is so well optimized that the clarity of sound is excellent. There is a default windshield microphone in this in-ear headphone. On the cord, there are facilities to mute, answer a phone call, and a volume control option. The cables are flattened which means there is no tangling in this in-ear headphone.

  • The in-ear headphones of Etymotic MC5

Etymotic MC5 is one of the best and affordable in-ear headphones you could buy in under $200. This in-ear headphone is very slim and is made of aluminium on the outside to give a classy and comfortable look. The cable of this in-ear headphone is Kevlar reinforced which means this in-ear headphone is tangle-free. The ear tips are made of rubber mushroom to provide the greatest comfort and smoothness while using this in-ear headphone.

  • The in-ear headphones of NUFORCE NE-700M

Majorly known for its bass quality, NUFORCE NE-700M is one of the best in-ear headphones that is available under $200. There is no disturbance or distortion while listening to music. There is a clean delivery of music into your ear canal. This in-ear headphone is built with a complete metal work which makes it a little heavy.

So, a lot of ground work is done and provided to you in this content. This must be really helpful to you while choosing an in-ear headphone for yourself.

  • The in-ear headphones of Incase Capsule

The highs in this in-ear headphone are clear and crisp without fatiguing. The quality of sound is very well balanced and the music listening experience is made the best for you. The ear tips are made of soft rubber to provide the maximum comfort while wearing these in-ear headphones. This in-ear headphone is tangle-free.

  • The in-ear headphones of AIAIAI SWIRL

The ear tips of this in-ear headphone are made of a slippery and squishy material that is comfortable for the ears. Yes, the sound quality given is amazing. The highs, the lows, and the mids are so well balanced to give you the best music experience. The clarity in the bass is also given in this in-ear headphone. This in-ear headphone is tangle-free.

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