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Best In Ear Headphones Under 1000$

Be it gym, walking, jogging, or travelling some people just can’t survive without headphones. All they want is the best quality in-ear headphones with the excellent bass, vocals, and frequency. So, here are some of the best in-ear headphones under $1000 that you might want to try out for having the best music listening experience.

·       The in-ear headphones of Shure SE846-CL
Shure SE846-CL comes from a technology of personal monitor and is tested by musicians and Shure engineers. It is a low filtered design technology and is one of the great in-ear headphones available in the market. This in-ear headphone has prolonged clarity of high-end. The design of this in-ear headphone is patented. For an audio enthusiast, this in-ear headphone would never disappoint as it has some of the advanced technologies involved during its construction. There is the high definition of Quad MicroDrivers.

·       The in-ear headphones of Westone UM Pro 50
When a music enthusiast demands a high quality of sound under $1000, then Westone UM Pro is the brand to go to. This in-ear headphone has five armature drivers along with a crossover that is inactive three-way. This is done to elevate every single detail of the sound and also the range of frequency. This is a premium in-ear headphone for playback music and sound monitoring.

·       The in-ear headphones of Sennheiser IE800 Audiophile Ear Canal
This in-ear headphone is just ready to perform when taken right out of the box. It is 1.1 meters symmetrical and oxygen-free (OFC) cable of copper. This in-ear headphone has a dual chamber absorber that delivers low distortion of harmony. It is oval in shape to provide the users the maximum comfort and is ergonomic. The transducer which is of 7 mm delivers a huge range of response of frequency. The ceramic is scratch resistant for the housing to make sure the longevity of the in-ear headphone.

·       The in-ear headphones of AKG K3003i Reference Class
The body of this in-ear is made up of stainless steel. This in-ear headphone provides an amazing sound quality and durability. This in-ear headphone is manufactured in Vienna from some of the finest and standard materials. There is a hybrid technology involved into the crafting of this in-ear headphone. The first is dynamic and the second is the drivers are armature balanced. This in-ear headphone has three filters for tuning.

·       The headphones of Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear
Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear headphones provide a killer quality of sound that will make you fall in love with it. The cushioning at the ear is so soft that you will not feel any kind of discomfort even after a prolonged usage. This in-ear headphone is affordable and is different for different operating systems of mobile phones.

·       The headphones of Beyerdynamic Idx 160 iE
Beyerdynamic is a well-known brand in the market as it provides some of the best products. Providing an amazing sound effect, this is another affordable best in-ear headphone available. Being lightweight, having a cable length of four feet this in-ear headphone delivers a full sound. Every minute detail of the music could be heard.

·       The headphones of Jaybird X2
Jaybird X2 is lightweight, weighing around just 0.03 pounds and a cable length of 21 inches, this is another well-known brand. If you are interested in a hassle-free in-ear headphones that are wireless, then Jaybird X2 is the brand for you. The cost of this in-ear headphone might be a little high but the performance given by it is worth everything.

·       The headphones of Optoma NuForce BE6
This is a very compact in-ear headphones weighing about just six ounces. Built with aluminium, Optoma NuForce BE6 looks very classy and stylish. In the universe of wireless headphones, Optoma dominates every other brand. Not only the looks are stylish, but the performance is outstanding too. The cable length is 22 inches.

·       The headphones of Polk Nue Voe
Weighing just 0.3 pounds and having a cable length of 4 feet, Polk Nue Voe provides an awesome quality of sound. The pattern designed is of a novel tortoise. It is designed in such a way that they are comfortable even after a prolonged use. The only negative side of this in-ear headphone is that they give their best performance in the Apple device. This doesn’t mean that they don’t function in Android or Windows phone. They work the same in other devices, just that the volume can’t be altered.
·       The headphones of Shure SE215
Having a cable length of 5.3 feets, Shure SE215 provides a vibrant quality of sound and is very comfortable to wear all day long. Shure gives amazing isolation of noise and the experience of listening to music is something else here. Shure comes in the translucent grey coloured body making it look very classy. Shure SE215 is customer-friendly and very affordable.

·       The headphones of Bose Freestyle
Weighing just 0.3 pounds and a cable length of 3.7 feet, Bose Freestyle is another well-known and trustworthy brand in the market. Bose Freestyle headphone is known for its resistance to moisture and durability. This in-ear headphone is specifically designed for the ease of gym going people. It is very comfortable and provides a good fitting. Being resistant to moisture makes it usable during your whole workout session. The best part about this headphone is that it is very affordable despite all the advanced qualities.

·       The headphones of Sony XBA-H1
   Having a cable length of 3.9 feet, Sony XBA-H1 gives a strong performance of sound. The clarity, the bass are all so well designed that you will fall in love with it. People who prefer to a sporty look can go with this in-ear headphone. The highs are crisp and sharp, the mids are nice and warm giving you the best experience in music listening.

·       The in-ear headphones of Westone W60 Signature Series 6-Driver
This in-ear headphone is specially designed for optimized listening to music. This in-ear headphone features a six driver system and delivers the finest audio system available in today’s market. The ear tips present in this in-ear headphone isolate the surrounding noise to provide the maximum clarity. Westone W60 Signature Series 6-Driver has dual drivers for the bass, maximum frequency, and for the mid-range.

·       The in-ear headphones of RHA T10i
Weighing just 0.09 pounds and having a cable length of 4.4 feet, RHA is known for its comfort and awesome sound quality. The body of this in-ear headphone is metal finished making it look very elegant. The tips can be replaced if the default one doesn’t suit your ear canal. The price might be a little high but it is totally worth it and you will not regret once you start using it.

·       The in-ear headphones of SoundMagic E10S
SoundMagic E10S delivers the best refinement by minimising the harshness in sound. The bass in this in-ear headphone is well judged and the vocals are amazingly clear. The ear pieces are so soft and comfortable that you could have them on all day long without causing any kind of discomfort.

·       The in-ear headphones of Bowers and Wilkins C5 S2
For people who love bass, this is the brand to go. This in-ear headphone absolutely provides the best bass quality, the highs are crisp and clear, the mids are nice and warm, and the sound clarity is amazing. The only downside of this in-ear headphone is that only Apple users can enjoy the benefits and facilities provided by this in-ear headphone. The reviews on looks of this in-ear headphone are great and people who have used this are pretty happy.
Some other great in-ear headphones under $1000 are- 

·      Sony MDR EX650AP

·       Sennheiser Momentum M2 IEi

·       Sony XBA-2iP

·        Shure SE425

·       Sennheiser iE80

·       Grado GR10

·       Panasonic RP-TCM125 is super affordable at just $19. This in-ear headphone provides some of the qualities that equal to the qualities provided by a high range of in-ear headphones, the performance is good and is supported by many of the users, it is also very light in weight and the looks are very classy.

·       RHA MA-750: The sound produced by this in-ear headphone is very powerful and lows being rich, the noise isolation provided by this in-ear headphone is good.

·       Bose QuietComfort 20: This in-ear headphone is one of the best in cancelling outside noise, very comfortable and compact.
·       HiFiMan RE-600: The sound quality is transparent and clear, this in-ear headphone is very light in weight and is compact making it easier for the users.

·       Master and Dynamic ME05 provides sound that is bass forward and amazing clarity, the looks are very handsome and are also very comfortable, the noise isolation done in this in-ear headphone is very well.

·       Etymotic mc5 delivers awesome sound clarity and high definition in middle and high range frequencies, there is a facility to remove the filters, Etymotic especially aims for clarity in sound.

       ·       The in-ear headphones of SOL Republic Master Tracks
Not only the looks of this in-ear headphone are great but the performance level is high too. This is one of the leading in-ear headphones in the market these days.

·       The in-ear headphones of Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro
This in-ear headphone comes with a stock cable of quarter inch adapter and can also be replaced with a headset microphone. The ear pads and headband are so comfortable that even after a prolonged use you will not feel a thing.

·       The in-ear headphones of PSB M4U 1
There is a hard shelled case for carrying and a quarter inch adapter with two cables are provided. The sound quality provided is very clear and smooth.

·       The in-ear headphones of HiFiMan HE-400
Available at a very affordable price, this in-ear headphone is open backed. The sound quality provided is stunning and the ear pieces are cushioned for your comfort.

A lot of groundwork has been covered to make sure you have knowledge about all kinds of in-ear headphones from the range of $19 to $1000. So, the above-mentioned list of best in-ear headphones must help you while buying an in-ear headphone for yourself. Select the best suited in-ear headphone for you and enjoy the world of music.

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