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Best High-End Speaker Brands

High-end speakers are the brand which provides class quality, esoteric as well great sound technologies. These types of speakers are very good in producing objective as well as the subjective quality of sound through a speaker. These speakers normally don’t compare by sound quality with another type of speakers. Following are some high-end speaker brands in the world. 
1. B&W high-end Speakers(800 diamond)

In high-end speakers currently 800 Diamond is best one and this speaker produces by B& W speaker producing company. This speaker is very class in performance. This speaker comes with innovative as well as advance technology. If there is any break up in music, then this speaker can transfer this into the standard hearing mode. It can produce sound near about 25Hz-33 kHz. If there is any vibration happen during speaker is on then also it will not destroy the quality of music. The outlook of this speaker is not more different than other products of B & W. In this midrange speaker cones as well as woofer are on the front side of the speaker. This woofer and midrange cones gives clear sound clarity. In this speaker, there is a new advanced suspension, as well as four magnets, are inserted to reduce dynamic compression when sound is at a high level. The body of this speaker contains five speakers out of that five, three pillars are at the front side and remaining two pillars are at the back side of the speaker. This speaker is just a few larger than 802D speaker of B&W. It is also large in height than 802D. Shipping cartoons of this speaker are also huge in size. It has much more sound than 802D speakers of B&W. It has smooth as well as balanced midrange sound clarity in the room. Even if the room is small in size then also the clarity of bass does not affect. The pair price of this speaker is 23,995$.
This speaker has honed design which is beautiful as well as big in size. It has weight about 225lbs. The height of this speaker is 44 inches in height; it is 14.5 inches wide as well as it is near about 22 inches in deep. This speaker comes with dome tweeter which is 1 inch in size. It has midrange driver of 6 inches. There are 8-inch woofers, and they are two. The midrange driver is teardrop in shape, and head of this driver is made up of a synthetic, mineral-filled resin and inert marlin composite material. The internal cavity at the head has short-tube at the body of the speaker. It comes in three finishes i.e. Rosenut, Piano Black Gloss as well as in Cherrywood.
2-Focal Speakers
The focal company is an expert in producing high-end speaker’s technology from last three decade. It has very good consistency in performance, so they are famous among peoples. They give emphasis on producing speakers which are very good in technology as well as they use high-quality materials when they produce their products. The speaker of Focal is completely idiosyncratic, and high-end speaker producing company does not produce this type of products. They always try to produce sound clarity awesome. Following are some speakers of Focal, which are great in quality.
A. Focal Chorus 826 V speakers
This speaker has high-end performance ratio. The price of this speaker is regional, so it is choice of many peoples. This speaker is made with the help of proprietary techniques, good engineering as well as it has five years bullet proof warranty. It will give you complete satisfaction from its performance so that it gives complete satisfaction about money. Designs, as well as the shape of this speaker, will also satisfy you.
It can produce sound in between 45Hz to 20kHz.It has weight 56.8 lbs. With this speaker, you will get five years warranty. It prepares with 6.5-inch midrange driver. There are two woofers each of 6.5 inches. The price of this speaker is 2700$.

B.    Focal Sopra no 2
This speaker has an aesthetic design. The design of this speaker is divided into three section i.e. midrange, bass and treble drivers. All parts necessary for this speaker prepare in France. Each speaker of Sopra 2 has the weight of 121 pounds. Frequency responds by Focal Sopra no 2 speaker is in between 34 Hz to 40 kHz. These speakers are available in Imperial Red, Black Lacquer, and Electric Orange as well as in Carrara White. This speaker provides high-quality sound at large volume also.
3-Mcintosh Labs speaker
This company is famous for producing loudspeaker as well as amplifiers in the world.  This speaker has a very good look. It has black glass inserted at the front side of this speaker. Mcintosh has very good quality and powerful sound clarity. The amplifier of Mcintosh gives complex, warm as well as big sound and this quality makes Mcintosh very famous choice for peoples. This speaker is completely design and manufactures in the United States. Mcintosh Company also produces tuners, speakers, home theaters as well as amplifiers. Following are speakers which are produced by Mcintosh.

A. XR 100
It is type standing speaker. It is not only sleek but also contemporary in appearance. These speakers are available in many colors such as Pear Maple, Red Walnut, and Black. The logo of Mclntosh Company is on the front side of this speaker. XR 100 has the power rating in between 75 to 600 watts. XR 100 can produce sound frequency in between 30Hz to 45 kHz. In this speaker there are mainly four woofers included and each woofer has the size of 6 inches individually.
The types of woofer are Poly Cone, Cast Frame. In XR 100 there are ten midranges and each midrange has a size of 2 inches. In XR 100 there is one tweeter and size of these tweeters is three or four inch. In XR 100 Titanium Dome type tweeter is used. This XR 100 has the weight of 68.5 lbs. This speaker has a width of 8 inches, and height is 51 inch, and diameter of this speaker is 18.5 inch.
B.   LCR80
This LCR80 speaker has a wide shape so that many people’s can easily listen to music from LCR80 speaker. LCR80 is small in size but provides very good sound clarity. The design of LCR80 has the design of such a type that it can be placed horizontal as well as vertical without any compromise in the clarity of sound. It has a very secure connection to the speaker. LCR80 has a power rating of 75-300 watts. It can produce a sound frequency of 80Hz to 45 kHz. LCR80 speaker comes with a 6-inch woofer, and there are mainly two woofers in the speaker. In LCR80 there are 2 midranges and each of midrange is of 2-inch in size. LCR80 has 24 lbs in weight. LCR80 comes with 8-inch height, 24-inch width and 8.5 inches in diameter.

C.    XR 50
XR 50 can produce rich as well as a full sound that can produce by a big speaker. This speaker comes in two colors one is black, and another is Red Walnut. XR 50 speaker is used in both home theaters and music also. The power rating of this XR 50 is 75 to 300 watts. It responds to the sound of 40Hz to 45 kHz. XR 50 has one woofer and size of the woofer is 6 inches. XR 50 also has one twitter, and it is also if size ¾ inch. This XR 50 is 8.9 kg in weight. The width of XR 50 is 8 inch, the diameter is 11.3 inch and height is approximately 17 inch.

4-Vivid Audio (Oval B1)
For the first time, Vivid Audio has launched their product in the year 2005. The design of this Oval B1 is design in Britain, but production of Oval B1 produce in South Africa. Oval B1 produces very sensational sound because of this so many people’s like Oval B1. The price of single Oval B1 speaker is 18000$. This Oval B1 looks like a tennis racket, and it has a midrange, woofer, and tweeter on the rear side of the speaker. It is made up of the mineral component which is filling with resin composite. Rear baffles of Oval B1 is little convex and because of this, it gives smooth speaker appearance to the listener. It has 26 mm dome tweeter and 50 mm of midrange driver and because of this they can produce sound frequency near about 4500Hz. Woofers of this sound are made up of 5-inch aluminum alloy cones.
In this speaker because of a high quality of woofer and tweeter, the voice of men, as well as women, can be easily identified, and clarity of sound is at a different level. If you play 30 years old song on this speaker then also it will play that song in good voice. These speakers are revealing speakers in high-end quality speakers in the world.  
5-Paradigm Concept 4F speaker
This speaker is star speaker in the technology of high-end in last year. This speaker is curved at the side of the speaker as well has white finish and logo of Paradigm. You can also adjust low end of this speaker easily. It has the bass which has a great subwoofer in that speaker. Concept 4F has a very good stylish design. Rear side design of Concept 4F is very good and this design suite to back side of this speaker. Concept 4F’s both tweeters as well as midrange is made up of beryllium diaphragms. Because of this material Concept, 4F is very light in weight. Concept 4F produced clearer, lower distortion as well as cleaner sound. Concept 4F can produce a sound of range 18Hz-40 kHz.  Concept 4F is made up of the 7-inch midrange driver, and it has a 1.4-inch tweeter. Concept 4F speaker has great bass power. The price of this speaker is in between 10000-40000$ for each speaker.
6-Bryston Model T speaker
Bryston model T loudspeaker is the very first product of this company. And today also this product is continuously produced by the company because it has god sell and features which make it famous among users. The height of this T speaker is 52.5 inch; it has a 10.5-inch width as well as the diameter is near about 16.5 inches. The weight of this T model is 108 pounds. It comes in three colors as natural cherry, black ash as well as Boston cherry. In the case of this speaker, you have the choice to choose from standard wood for a pair of speaker for this you have to pay 1000$ extra. Drivers of Model T design newly, and it has 105 inches thick in size baffle.  
Bryston has good as well as well designed speaker. The bass produced by Model T is depth as well as solid in nature. It also produces the sharp as well as the clear sound of the piano. According to the volume level of the speaker, a bass is rigid and solid.
7-Soltanus Acoustics
This speaker has the ability that it can run without the help of crossover till amplifier damp. In this speaker amplifier quality is very good. At the rear side of this speaker, there is a digital processor which is of type Auralic Vega. This dynamic speaker power, as well as clarity of these speakers, is superb. In Australia price of per pair of Soltanus Acoustics is about 14695$. Soltanus Acoustics can produce a sound frequency of 40Hz to 20 kHz. Soltanus Acoustics has a sensitivity of 86 dB. Soltanus Acoustics can produce minimum Impedance of 4 ohms. Soltanus Acoustics has height 1530 cm, the width of Soltanus Acoustics is 680 cm and diameter of Soltanus Acoustics is 53 mm. Soltanus Acoustics has the weight of 26 kg.
8-Audio Solutions Vantage speaker
These speakers are one of the top speakers of high-end type. The material of speaker used while making a design, crossword or drivers is of highest quality. These Vantage speakers are available in speaker market at a good price. Vantage has price 4187$ per pair but according to the price of this speaker they are giving great output as well as sound. The design of this Vantage is probably three-way design. In this Vantage speaker, soft dome tweeter is used for the sound which is more than 10 kHz.


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