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Audio Technica ATH MSR7 Headphone Review

Headphones is a device worn around the head of the user. They are mainly designed in a way so that a user can individually hear to any audio piece privately and is totally in oppose to a loudspeaker which enables many people to listen to the audio piece at once. Headphones are also known as earphones, earspeakers and colloquial cans. A piece holds the speakers in their place by coming over the head at the top are a type of headphones called circumaural and supra-aural headphones. 
Another type of headphones are one which are generally easy to carry are the earphones or earbuds or earplugs which are made in a fashion wherein individual units can be plugged into the user's ear canal. When speaking with respect to telecommunications, a headset combines a headphone and microphone. Headphones can be directly connected to any source like CD player, mobile devices, gaming consoles, laptop, amplifier, radio or any of the instruments using a wireless technology like Bluetooth or even an FM radio. The headphones made in a range of various capabilities of audio reproduction. The normal specifications of a headphone use cables that are either ¼ inch or ⅛ inch which are 6.35 mm and 3.5 mm phone jack which are plugged by headphones into any audio resource.

Headphones can be useful when we want to avoid others listening our conversations while talking or listening to sound while listening to our favorite number. One of our main reason to use is to avoid disturbing others and not to let others hear. The spatial effects from the stereo sound can also be changed in the headphones. Benefits from ergometrics is also possible as it enables employees from call centre take advantage of not holding phone by tilting their head and even maintaining better posture. Few of the things to be considered while selecting a nice headphone are comfortness, great sound quality, bass, clear sound and comfort to the ears even if it's close to the ears for long time. The specifications of the product says a lot about the product and should solve the purpose what we are looking for.
Audio technica corporation; a Japanese enterprise which designs and manufactures professional wireless and wired headphones, microphones, photographic magnetic cartridges and other audio equipments. The company was established in Tokyo, Japan in the year 1962 as a manufacturer of phonograph cartridge. The first product developed was the AT - 1 and AT - 3 mm stereo phono cartridge. As the business expanded they extended their business fields. Audio technica developed a method which was useful in making microphones resistant to the radio frequency interference from the Bluetooth devices, wireless network for computers, walkie talkie and from cell phones. The company's models of microphone have been upgraded with the technology of the new RFI resistant technology.
Audio technica ATH - MSR7 is a model which is way better and advanced than previous ATH - M50X. The headband is much comfortable and narrower, the shape is pretty and cups are a little less than vulgar. The headband when felt gives a hard touch but is way too comfortable than any other headphone. After a while the pressure distribution is very even and so the after a while the hard feeling of it disappears.

Listening via headphones at considerably large volume can lead to damage of the ear causing temporary or even permanently causing deafness. Headphones also have to manage the surrounding sound and noise in the vicinity so exposure to such high sound and noise can also be damaging the ears. Usually people listen to the existing volume and do not use the volume control panel according to a study. This again leads to impairment of ears as the volume of the sound is mostly beyond a risk level. A study even found that listening to a higher volume at the time of stress damages the ears more than we are listening to music on headphone during rest. People usually use it while driving for music and calling which blocks the surround sound of the other vehicles and can turn out to be dangerous. Hence using a good quality of headphone which takes care of these danger situations is the best suited for you. Headroom provides you with the reviews of all the latest headphones launched in the market and gives you an idea of the quality and the specifications of the gadget for your ease.

The audio technica headphone ATH-MSR7 is among the lowest price range in the competing market. It's high resolution is among the one of a kind model which offers unique specification which fits our pockets coupled with sturdy built. It offers three cables for solving your purpose of easy calling as one of the cables is inbuilt microphone or inline remote. One of the best closed ear to back model by the company promises to be one of the strongest competitor in the genre of the the closed back over ear segment. The built is easy and should be comfortable for maximum people. The stylish design speaks for its sleek body. MSR7 is a complete mix bag of style, performance, pocket friendly, value for money and functionality makes it a cool competitor in the headphone segment. Excellent attention to details makes these headphones a highly sought after in the market. Musical bass which is really strong guess a long way to end your search in any headphone. The construction quality speaks for itself and need no second thought. The sleek body and beautifully designed structure makes it another reason to own these headphones. Another point of reference here is these headphones give you a competitive point in pricing as it is aptly priced when compared to its counterparts.

Speaking about the lows of these headphones make you think. One important drawback while considering would be that the clamping force is too tight for anyone to feel comfortable in. When it comes to the upper midrange the quality of sound feels a bit off and does look like synthetic. One more feature which really would need attention to; is the padding used in the headband. If the padding is not sufficient then definitely it makes the user uncomfortable as it makes the headband tough and puts pressure on the head which can lead to pain in the head and intense pressure.

One attractive packaging thing to talk about is the Hi Res audio logo which is seen in front. This branding system is created to show gear which is designed for audio that is recorded at 24bit/ 96khz out even higher than that. Looking at the model and design anyone can say that a lot of conscious effort and care of specifications went into designing of MSR7 headphone. A style statement is created by the metal sparkle sleek cuts with a red touch of gun metal grey model is enough to add a tiny of style and adds brilliant beauty to live up the traditional design. The feel of the robust chassis evokes quality and greatest care in the built. The package also includes a black silky pouch and the cables that are detachable which includes one a 9 foot long, two 4 foot - a standard one and a single button inline microphone.

Noise isolation is far better than the other models. The best feature is the quality of sound they ooze. As headphones straight above the head can be quite a pain in the head and discomforting when placed over the ears, MSR7 is totally different and it's make is in such a way that speaking about the long run, they are more than comfortable and soothing without giving any discomfortness for the user. A very remarkable feature is the 45 mm drivers places behind the metallic exterior which delivers 5-40000 Hz which is the range for the high end bass. If you are looking for a headphone which you can use for long sessions, you can count on the MSR7 headphone.

We can say that headphones must be made in such a way that their built should be easy and comfortable to the user. The user should buy a headphone only when they are satisfied with the quality and bass which are the most favored quality everyone relates to for the headphone as they are the most important part of the features anybody needs. The earplugs in the long run and for greater time period gives pain and turn out to be uncomfortable for the user. Headphone on the other hand provides support for to the design and make as they make the user comfortable with the closed over the head and ear. The dsign of the headphones is such that the user can multitask. On one hand, the user can carry out his or her tasks while in the other hand listen to music or whatever he or she wants without being bothered about its slippage and adjustments. It gives a feeling of a hands free device which once adjusted can be left without the botheration of falling down. The fact cannot be denied that the advancement of technology and the addition of this model with its features has boosted the expectations and basic specifications of the users to a different height altogether. The sound quality has not only improved but has also taken a leap forward.

Audio technica has brought about a revolution in the field of sound quality coupled with the ease and convenience of use. It has also developed this headphone which can give competition to the most premium headphones available in the same price range but with far better design, comfort and convenience to the user. The sleek body of the headphone also adds to the beauty of the product. The feature much appreciated and talked about is the fact that while using this device the users are able to get clear sound without interference of the surrounding noise or voice isolation. Inspite of all the benefits of the device we need to ensure that we use this device safely and with caution when in public areas. Nevertheless, it would not be exaggeration to say that innovations like these not only enhanced the sound quality but also are a witness to the harmonious relationship between human beings and technology.


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