Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Top 8 Gaming Headsets For PS4

What's going on guys? I have once again another article on best Play Station 4 headsets. Now I just quickly want to say that I have 9 headsets total in this video and all various different prices and I will let you guys do the prices in the second. Now before we do that I just want to let everyone know I have tried or owned all of these headsets, because in previous article, people got divided that I didn't try them all. I have tried all of these headsets in this list. I have owned most of these headsets and I have tried all of them for an extensive amount of time. I didn't just plop it on my head and just say that all this sounds good. No, I've tried these headsets for a very good extensive amount of time. You know I was looking at it, I was crap, I was trying to break it down and I thought these are the best headsets that are available right now in each of their price categories. So without further a do let's go ahead and start.
Now the first thing I'm going to mention is not actually a headset, it is a mix amp that will work with all of these headsets in this article. A lot of people have been asking for amps, amplifiers, mix amps things like that and obviously the best one to go with is the Astro Gaming Mixanp Pro TR and the reason I'm saying the TR version its because well it's the newest version and it's the same price as the older versions so why not go ahead and get the new version.
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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Top 5 Gym Workout Headphones

Today we're going to take a look at my top five gym headphones. Now all these headphones are already reviewed out the links for the videos up in the article bu in this video I'll just mention the price and where I got them from. All right, so let's get right into the action will start with number 5 and work our way down to number 1 which would be my absolute favorite.
Number five,  we got the Jaybird Bluebuds X. Now these are run your heart of the 125 bucks I got the more amazon. I'm feeling he's ok. He's come with a nice carrying case. When you pop them open and he's our wireless headphones. Now that they hadn't when I say wireless I mean bluetooth. There's a wire right it bluetooth headphones. 
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Monday, 13 February 2017

Sennheiser Momentum Wireless- Expert's Review

After testing the Bose QC25, they were the best noise cancelling headphones I've tried at the time. Now what Sennheiser reaching out and let me borrow their whopping 500 dollar pair of noise cancelling headphones I had to give him a shot and see how good these are. What I have here are the Sennheiser Momentum Wireless. So I'm here helping the average consumer make a purchase decision.
Sennheiser Momentum Wireless- Expert's Review
Going over the physical features first, looks are of course objective and you can be the judge for yourself. The clothes back and over your model have here features real leather with stainless steel arms and the earcups themselves are painted ivory. Now they do come in black leather with yellow stitching which looks good as well but these do exhumed a vintage look.
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Top 5 Headphones For iPhone 7

Here is the iPhone 7 and we already know it doesn't have the headphone jack anymore, just the Lightning port. So does have a slightly improved speakers and he could listen to those if you wanna listen to music or watch videos but the removal of that headphone port means we now have two real options for listening to music by headphones. Lightning headphones and Wireless headphones. In fact Apple dropping a headphone jack from the iphone 7 is actually great news for one person or one group of people and that's headphone manufacturers because they just got a huge new market of people to sell headphones to that didn't exist before and that's iphone 7 buyer. So as this iPhone comes out and it's brand-new. The accessory market is young so if you're going to be early to this phone you got to be early to the accessories. 
Top 5 Headphones For iPhone 7
So these are those accessories. Option one, lightning headphones so your default option is the lighting earpods that come in the box nothing special but you can see obviously instead of ending in a three-and-a-half millimeter headphone jack. It's a lightning port so plugs right in, no charging require, no adapter required. This is the standard now. Everything else about them from the earpods to the inline controller is the same as before.
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Sunday, 12 February 2017

AKG K182 Review- Excellent Studio Headphone Under $100

Hey guys welcome to my review today of the AKG K182 headphones. These are part of AKG's proline of headphones that are designed to be a budget-friendly option for anyone interested in a pair of studio headphones. They can use for things like mixing or monitoring and while these do an excellent job in this regard there are some applications where these aren't the ideal choice such as using these casually for more portable use or for longer listening sessions which we'll cover in this review as well.
AKG K182 Review 1
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Thursday, 9 February 2017

Audio Technica ATH-M50X Review

These are the successor to what I called the best headphones under 200 dollars . So these are the Audio Technica ATH -M50X. So in case you're unfamiliar the M50 is have been among the highest rated pairs of headphones out there and continually come down in price actually from north of 200 bucks all the way down to less than a 120$ on Amazon. So the big question now here with the M50X is how are these different from the M50 and is that difference worth it? I say worth it because the M50X is actually a little bit higher price now. They come in at a 189 bucks brand-new still under 200 dollars but they definitely cost a little more.
Audio Technica ATH-M50X Review 1
So here's the deal. They have the same awesome build quality, same attention to detail, the same super flexible and very portable design ideas and if you were looking at them from afar you probably really couldn't even tell the difference between these and the M50 except for the little M50X badge on the side of these headphones but really the biggest difference here between the M50X and the M50 is actually the cabling.
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Sunday, 22 January 2017

Bose QuietComfort(QC) 20 Headphones Review!

The bose QC 20 comes in a simplistic housing. Bose has two versions of the QC 20 the standards set which I have here and the Bose QC 20 I which comes with two additional buttons which work iPhone music control and Siri voice commands. The Android, Blackberry and Windows compatible QC 20 still comes with the standard answer and call button and the aware mode control. Once you simply slide the box from the sleeve you open the Bose flat.

Once the flap is open and the protective foam is removed you will see the headphones. Both earbuds and the control module are fully exposed and ready to go. Once you pull the plastic housing out of the way there are some documentation for support and the ball is carrying case. The carrying case is a nylon mesh material. Inside you have documentation for the headphones and also the stay-Hear tips. The stay-Hear tips are bowls patented design that are made for comfort and a great seal it also comes with the USB cable for charging the noise cancellation features. The quiet comfort earbuds at first glance appears to be like any other normal earbud but when you take a closer look you see a few differences.
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